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L'Aerophile Collection Overview

Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier, French balloonist, blowing hydrogen gas into a flame, ca. early 1800s

In January 1893 the French journalist and balloonist Georges Besancon (1866-1934), in collaboration with the Union Aerophile de France, began publishing a monthly illustrated revue, L'Aerophile (published 1893-1947). Quickly, L'Aerophile became one of the premier journals of the early history of aviation. The first years were devoted to balloonists and the importance of meteorology on ballooning (for example, atmospheric effects on equipment, instruments, and humans). In later years, as artificial wings, gliders, man- and engine-powered planes were developed, the magazine brought their stories to the public.

The fifteen thousand or so items contained in the 150 boxes of the Library of Congress collection include blueprints and manufactures' information of early French and foreign aircraft and dirigibles, reports of accidents involving flyers and balloonists, photographs of aircraft, engines, and various aircraft equipment, aerial photographs from World War I, and a series of French cartoons from the period 1909 - 1912 related to aviation. The collection also contains hundreds of photographs of early aviators and designers, including pictures of Charles Lindbergh and his wife Anne Morrow being feted in Paris during their European trip of 1933.  A large number of L'Aerophile images appeared in the National Air and Space Museum's major exhibition in 2003 celebrating the centennial of the Wright brothers' first flight, titled the Wright Brothers' & the Invention of the Aerial Age.

Listed below is a brief description of the contents for boxes 1 - 75 (please note that there are gaps in the numbering scheme, content list for boxes 75 - 150). Compiled by Frank Garmon, Jr. Fellow, Summer 2009. Also see the Finding Aid in the LC Finding Aids database.


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Contains early photographs, handbooks, catalogs, newspaper articles, blueprints, intelligence reports, and other publications relating to the early years of aviation, including balloon flight, airplanes and aviators.

Box 1: Henry H. (Hap) Arnold Collection.

Orville Wright in flight over the parade ground at
Fort Myer, Va., on Sept. 11, 1908.
(LC Prints & Photographs Coll.)

ENVELOPE 1 A miscellaneous collection of black and white photos of the first aviation designers, philanthropists, test-pilots and first American aviators - Wilbur and Orville Wright, Thomas DeWitt Milling, Howard Hughes, etc. Pictures of first female aviators - Harriet Quimby, Amelia Earhart are also included. Early pictures of the U.S. Army Air Service (chiefs, pilots, crews and group pictures) and U.S. Army Air Corps in California, with Major Henry H. Arnold.

ENVELOPE 2   A New York Times article (1926) about young Henry H. Arnold, who later became the commanding general of the Army Air Forces (AAF) during World War II (includes photographs). 1926.

ENVELOPE 3    A booklet: "The H. H. Arnold Collection" (3 copies), along with photos of airplanes in the air.


BOX 2    Auction catalogs for ballooning-related items; 1934, 1935, 1940.

ITEM 1   Collection dite "Au ballon" by M.Leon Bartou, Paris. 8-9-10 Mai 1935.

ITEM 2    Aerostation: a catalogue of books and engravings illustrating the evolution of the airship and the aeroplane
                   to 1938. Maggs Bros.Ltd, London. 1940

ITEM 3   Aeronautik: auction catalog in German illustrating items such as coins, porcelain, small books, fans, etc.,
                  with images related to aviation. Luzern, Schweiz. 26-27 June 1934.

BOX 3   Calendars (German aircraft manufacturers) 1926-1935. Includes 12 German sheet calendars with photos.

BOX 4  Aerial photographs, worldwide, 1890s to 1940.

ENVELOPE 1              France. Aerial landscape photos and parts of Paris. 1930-1940.

ENVELOPE 2              France. Photographs taken from a balloon. No date.

ITEM 1                        Le palais du Bey in Tunis.

ITEM 2                        Courcelles-Epayelles - a good aerial view of a French village.

ITEM 3                        Statute of Liberty, New York.

ITEM 4                        Balloons (aerostats) before launching.

ENVELOPE                3-6 German, Italy, and Spain photos. No date.

ITEM 1                        Flugplatz Johannisthal - Germany's first airfield.

ITEM 2                        Aerial view of Vienna, Austria.

ENVELOPE 7              Balloon View of Girard College, Philadelphia, (Samuel A. King, aeronaut). July 4, 1893.

ENVELOPE 8              Balloon View of San Diego City's Harbor. 1923.

ENVELOPE 9-10           Aerial view of countryside and cities in France, Germany and Switzerland. 1890-1910.

ENVELOPE 11             Worldwide. 1920-1937.

ITEM 1                        Aerial views (Versailles, Château de Champlâtreux, Vaux le Vicomte, Rochefort en Yvelines).

ITEM 2                        Aerial views in Africa: Egyptian pyramids and ruins in Sahara desert; running elephants in Tchad.

ITEM 3                        Tigre river and Baghdad city. Dubrovnik in Croatia. Pompeii amphitheater in Italy.

BOX 9   Publications, USA: A-E

ENVELOPLE 1             Liberty Engine Service Bulletins. November, 1918.

ENVELOPE 2              Notes on Liberty Engine Ignition System. 1919.

ENVELOPE 3              Manual for Balloon Cutters. October, 1918.

ENVELOPE 4              History of the 96th Aero Squadron - First American Day Bomb Bardment.

ENVELOPE 5              Ercoupe, the instruction manual. June 1946.

ENVELOPE 6              The Ambassador, a brochure about the first modern civil aircraft, its features and
                                    specifications. Hampshire, England. July, 1948.

ENVELOPE 7              Civil Aviation: Industry Studies - Report of the Air coordinating committee, Washington DC.

ENVELOPE 8              Civil Aviation: Industry Studies - Analysis of Air Transportation Industry by Henry Beecken.
                                    October, 1942.

ENVELOPE 9              Article: “New Altimeter Records Elevation of Plane Above Actual Ground” news release from
                                    the United Air Lines News Bureau.

ENVELOPE 10             Martin Model 167W.

ENVELOPE 11             Magazine (U.S) The Aeroplane, November 30, 1945.

Box 9A   Publications, USA: F-N.

ENVELOPE 1              The F-5L Flying Boat Handbook, Navy Department: Bureau of Construction and Repair.
                                    December, 1918.

ENVELOPE 2              Statements Issued from the Public Relations Office: The De Havilland Enterprise. “The
                                    Geoffrey De Havilland Trophy” and “Over the Counter Gipsy Engine Replacement.”

ENVELOPE 3              Handbook on the “CC” Interrupter Gear, Engineering Division Air Service (two copies) 1920.

ENVELOPE 4              Handbook of Instructions for Airplane Designers 1923.

ENVELOPE 5              “Helices”

ITEM 1                        Pamphlet: Hamilton Standard Propellers, Hydromatic Quick-Feathering Propeller

ITEM 2                        Aero Digest Article, February 1936: “The ‘Slinger-Ring’ De-Icer for Propellers.”

ITEM 3                        Article: Curtiss-Wright Corporation “The Curtiss Electric Constant Speed Full Feathering
                                    Propeller” 1937.

ITEM 4                        News Releases: United Aircraft Corporation “Largest Metal Propeller” and “Aircraft Safety
                                    Increased by New Propeller Tests” 1938.

ENVELOPE 6        Miscellaneous Articles.

ENVELOPE 7        History of Naval Aviation, 1898-1939.

ENVELOPE 8        History of Naval Aviation, 1898-1939 #2.

ENVELOPE 9        History of Naval Aviation, 1898-1939 #3.

ENVELOPE 10       History of Naval Aviation, 1898-1939 #4.

ENVELOPE 11       History of Naval Aviation in World War I.

ENVELOPE 12       History of Randolph Field.

ENVELOPE 13       Publication: Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, “The 1914 Tests of the Langley
                                    Aerodome” 1942.

ENVELOPE 14       History of Aviation Literature.

BOX 10    French intelligence reports on WWI German airplanes, translated into English for US intelligence; Loessel paper (critique).

ENVELOPE 1        Publication: Reprints by Engineer Loessel (Critique).

ENVELOPE 2        Enemy Aviation: 1918. Edited by the French Military Aeronautical Technical Section.

ENVELOPE 3        Publication: Summary of Air Information 1918.

ENVELOPE 4        Enemy Aviation 1919. Edited by the French Military Aeronautical Technical Section.               

BOX 11   Publications, USA: T-Z.

ENVELOPE 1        Third Aviation Instruction Center: Resume of Training.

ENVELOPE 2        Article: “The Trend of Invention.”

ENVELOPE 3        Publication: Types of Airplanes & Accessories and their Uses.

ENVELOPE 4        Publication: Types of Airplanes & Accessories and their Uses #2. Engineering Division of the Air Service.

ENVELOPE 5        Publication: U.S Navy-Flying Boats Handbooks.

ITEM 1                  The H-16A Flying Boat Handbook.

ITEM 2                  The HS-1L Flying Boat Handbook.

Envelope 6        Publication: President’s Air Policy Commission, 1947.

Envelope 7        Publication: President’s Air Policy Commission #2.

Envelope 8        U.S Air Force: Weekly Air Intelligence Digest 1943.

Envelope 9        The Zimmerman Z-6 Pursuit.

Main wing of the Santos-Dumont

BOX 12   French aeronautical publications (Ae-Av), misc., some prior to WWI.

ENVELOPE 1              1933 Aerial Time Table (Magazine).

ENVELOPE 2              Aero Club.

ENVELOPE 3              French and American Air Budgets.

ENVELOPE 4              Air Equipment #1.

ENVELOPE 5              Les 104 del’ L’AeroClub de France
                                    au 104 eme kilometre 1922.

ENVELOPE 6              “Applications du Caoutchouc

ENVELOPE 7              Articles.

ENVELOPE 8              Articles 1937-1940.

ENVELOPE 9              Article “L’Aviation Commerciale en Chine” 1938.

ENVELOPE 10             “Aviation Populaire.”

ENVELOPE 11             Articles: Aviation de Tourism & de Sport.

ENVELOPE 12             Avions 1912.

ENVELOPE 13             Avions Accidents: 1912.

ENVELOPE 14             Aviation Aeronautique 1898-1908.

ENVELOPE 15             Aviation Newsletters.

BOX 13    French aeronautical publications (Ae-E), including aviators, balloons, dirigibles, some prior to WWI.

ENVELOPE 1              Avions-Detailles Mecaniques 1911.

ENVELOPE 2              Balloons 1913.

ENVELOPE 3              Articles from Balsamo

ENVELOPE 4              Brevet D’Invention.

ENVELOPE 5              Brevet D’Invention #2.

ENVELOPE 6              Bulletin de la Sac. D’Encour Pour L’Industrie Nat’l.

ENVELOPE 7              Article “Le Cadre Comptable Aeronautique.

ENVELOPE 8              Article by Comite Francais de Propaganda Aeronautique.

ENVELOPE 9              L’Echo de Paris.

ENVELOPE 10             L’Ecole Nat. Sup. De L’Aeronautique.

ENVELOPE 11             Conference Technique Internationale des Secours Aeriens.

ENVELOPE 12             “Defense Passive.”

ENVELOPE 13             Dirigibles 1914.

ENVELOPE 14             French and American Editorials.

ENVELOPE 15             Article: “Etude Experimentale Sur L’Elimination du Voile Atmospherique en Photographie.”

ENVELOPE 16             “Grand Semaine d’Aviation (de la Champagne).

ENVELOPE 17             “Evolution des Atterrisseurs des Avions Modernes.”

ENVELOPE 18             Articles Commemorating Various Aviators.

BOX 13A     French newspapers, 1911; special report on German gliders, 1937; Propeller shafts, French, 1932; Engines, Hispano-Suzia, misc. articles and magazine clippings (E-Mi).

ENVELOPE 1              Etudes Specials 1911.

ENVELOPE 2              Guirand & E. Spire: “Voyage d’Etude en Allemagne.”

ENVELOPE 3              “Helices.”

ENVELOPE 4              Le Moteur Hispano Suiza #1.

ENVELOPE 5              Le Moteur Hispano Suiza #2.

ENVELOPE 6              Infrastucture.

ENVELOPE 7              Exposition des Insignes d’Escadrilles.

ENVELOPE 8              Instruction Sur L’Organisation et L’Emploi de L’Aeronautique Entemps de Guerre.

ENVELOPE 9              Miscellaneous French Aviators (articles).

ENVELOPE 10             Miscellaneous Articles.

ENVELOPE 11             Miscellaneous Articles/Pamphlets.

ENVELOPE 12             Miscellaneous Magazine Clippings.

BOX 13B   Small aircraft; transatlantic flights; international flights; Newspapers, French, 1910.

ENVELOPE 1              Nord 1203-II France.

ENVELOPE 2              Article: “La Nationalisation de Industrie Aeronautique, 1936.”

ENVELOPE 3              Articles: The North Atlantic #1.

ENVELOPE 4              Articles and Maps: The North Atlantic #2

ENVELOPE 5              Articles on Raids 1936-1939.

ENVELOPE 6              Articles: “La Poste Aerienne Entre Dans Sa 30 eme Annee 1942.

ENVELOPE 7              Receptions 1910.

ENVELOPE 8              S.C.A.L.P Sketches.

ENVELOPE 9              Souffleries

ENVELOPE 10             Utilisation des Trains Cyclidaux dans L’Industrie Aeronautique 1943.

ENVELOPE 11             Les Vitres de Securite Feuilletes, 1939.

ENVELOPE 12             Article: “Le Voile Atmospherique & La Photographie.”

ENVELOPE 13             Article on “Les Usines.”

BOX 14   Publications from Britain; propellers; automobiles; trains; flight training schools.

ENVELOPE 1              Aeronautical Engineering Articles.

ENVELOPE 2              Articles: Airports.

ENVELOPE 3              Britain: The Aeroplane, May 6, 1936.

ENVELOPE 4              Avro Tudor I.

ENVELOPE 5              Airscrews.

ENVELOPE 6              Publications on Armaments and Weaponry.

ENVELOPE 7              Publications: British, Astra.

ENVELOPE 8              Automobile and Train Articles.

ENVELOPE 9              Aviation Schools (all countries).

ENVELOPE 10             Publication: Flight and Aircraft Engineer (British).

ENVELOPE 11             “Helices” (Miscellaneous Countries).

ENVELOPE 12             “Helices” (German).

ENVELOPE 13             Germany: Construction Details.

ENVELOPE 14             Article: The King’s Cup Air Race 1937.

ENVELOPE 15             Article: The M.68.

BOX 14A   Publications from Germany, Japan, Italy; parachutes; meteorology; military aviation.

ENVELOPE 1              Newspaper Clippings: Germany, “The Biplane.”

ENVELOPE 2              Germany: Miscellaneous Articles.

ENVELOPE 3              German Magazine Articles.

ENVELOPE 4              German Article: Schrifttumschau.

ENVELOPE 5              Italy: Miscellaneous Memos.

ENVELOPE 6              Miscellaneous Italian and French Articles.

ENVELOPE 7              Luftbildlesen.

ENVELOPE 8              Japan: Miscellaneous Articles and Photos.

ENVELOPE 9              Parachutes.

ENVELOPE 10             Technical Studies.

ENVELOPE 11             Article: “Contribucion a la Navegacion Aerea” (Spain).

ENVELOPE 12             Ufficio Stampa Aeroexport (Italy) 1938.

ENVELOPE 13             Japanese Magazine Article.

ENVELOPE 14             Meteorology.

ENVELOPE 15             Military Aviation.

BOX 15   Societe du Duralumin. Includes six catalogs of aluminum products with photos.

ENVELOPE 1              Societe du Duralumin.

BOX 16    Newspaper clippings: 'Plane News' 1918-1919; Spanish language publications 1912; French publications 1920-1927, 1937.

ENVELOPE 1              Plane News 1918 #1.

ENVELOPE 2              Plane News 1918 #2.

ENVELOPE 3              Plane News 1919 #3.

ENVELOPE 4              Plane News 1919 #4.

ENVELOPE 5              Plane News 1919 #5.

ENVELOPE 6              Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings.

ENVELOPE 7              1920s Newspapers (French).

ENVELOPE 8              1930s Newspapers (French).

ENVELOPE 9              Newspaper Articles: Feuille d’Information 1942.

ENVELOPE 10             Newspaper: “Automobiles.”

ENVELOPE 11             Newspaper Articles (French), 1920-1927.

ENVELOPE 12             Newspaper Articles (French), 1937.

ENVELOPE 13             Newspapers Promoting Flying Exhibitions (Spanish) 1912.

ENVELOPE 14             Newspaper Clippings: Russian Air Balloon.

BOX 16A    Commercial Air Travel Newspaper Articles.

BOX 17    Model building (blueprints).
Blueprints: Allison Eng; Navy Bureau of Aeronautics (1923); Wittemann airliner, 1936; Kite balloons.

ENVELOPE 1              Aeromodelisme #1.

ENVELOPE 2              Aeromodelisme #2.

ENVELOPE 3              Model Aircrafts: Blueprints #1 (French, 1930s).

ENVELOPE 4              Model Aircrafts: Blueprints #2 (French, 1940s).

ENVELOPE 5              Model Aircrafts: Blueprints #2A (French, 1940s).

ENVELOPE 6              Model Aircrafts: Blueprints #2B (French, 1941).

ENVELOPE 7              Model Aircrafts: Blueprints #3 (French, 1960s).

ENVELOPE 8              Model Aircrafts: Blueprints #4 (French).

ENVELOPE 9              Model Aircrafts: Blueprints #5 (Poland).

ENVELOPE 10             Miscellaneous Blueprints.

ENVELOPE 11             Comet Model Airplane & Supply Co.

ENVELOPE 12             Blueprints: Allison Engineering.

ENVELOPE 13             Blueprints: U.S Navy Dept. Bureau of Aero., 1923.

ENVELOPE 14             Blueprints: Charles R. Wittemann Airliner, 1936.

ENVELOPE 15             Kite Balloon Instructions, 1920.

BOX 18   Wright Brothers.

FOLDER 1                Photographs.

ENVELOPE 1              Book Reviews: “The Wright Brothers” by Fred C. Kelly.

ENVELOPE 2              Newspaper Clippings: Wright Brothers.

BOX 18A     Mitchell, Billy, Gen., 1879-1936.

ITEM 1                        Brigadier General William Mitchell: A List of References (Washington: Library of Congress
                                    Division of Bibliography, 1942) (two copies).

BOX 18B     Earhart, Amelia.

Amelia Earhart, 192-?

ENVELOPE 1              Portraits.

ENVELOPE 2              Solo Atlantic Flight, 1932.

ENVELOPE 3              Newspaper Clippings, 1933.

ENVELOPE 4              Newspaper Clippings.

ENVELOPE 5              Newspaper Clippings, 1934-1935.

ENVELOPE 6              Newspaper ArticleS.

ENVELOPE 7              Newspaper Clippings, 1936.

ENVELOPE 8              Newspaper Clippings, 1937.

ENVELOPE 9              FAA Aviation News, “The Last Flight”

ENVELOPE 10             Amelia Earhart Bibliographies.


BOXES 18D   Lindbergh, Charles A.

ENVELOPE 1              Charles Lindbergh Biliographies.

ENVELOPE 2              Photo of a Check Written to Caisse de Secours de l’Aeronautique.

FOLDER 1                Washington Post Article

ITEM 1                        “Flight From Celebrity” (1998).

ENVELOPE 3              “Mechanical Heart.”

ENVELOPE 4              Photograph: Charles Lindbergh, 1933.

ENVELOPE 5              Articles

ITEM 1                        “Flying Over the Past With Colonel Lindbergh Over the Maya Area” in Pan-American
                                    Magazine, 1929.

ITEM 2                        Photograph: “Watch Out for That Birdie!” in the Washington Post, 1949.

ENVELOPE 6              1927 Flight.

ENVELOPE 7              New York Times Magazine.

ENVELOPE 8              1931.

ENVELOPE 9              1932.

ENVELOPE 10             1933.

ENVELOPE 11             1933 Flights #1.

ENVELOPE 12             1933 Flights #2.

ENVELOPE 13             1934.

ENVELOPE 14             Post-1934.

BOX 21    Lindbergh, Charles. L'aerophile photographs, newspaper clippings, portraits.

ENVELOPE 1              Newspaper Articles.

ENVELOPE 2              Newspaper Articles #2.

ENVELOPE 3              Newspaper Articles Taken from a Photo Album.

ENVELOPE 4              Newspaper Articles Taken from a Photo Album #2.

FOLDER 1                Photo of Lindbergh in Leather Jacket.

ITEM 1                        Photo of Lindbergh in Leather Jacket.

BOX 22     Handbook of instructions for airplane designers. 1920-1922.

ITEM 1                        Handbook of Instructions for Airplane Designers, Engineering Division: Air Service. February,
                                    1920 (two copies).

ITEM 2                        Handbook of Instructions for Airplane Designers (third edition), Engineering Division: Air
                                    Service. February, 1922 (two copies).

CORPORATIONS, 1920’s-1940’s:

Contains guides, studies, drawings, publicity, books, and albums relating to early aviation companies and aviation-related events.

Box 23      Abrams, Aera, Aerocessories Simonds, Aerodesign, Air France, Airspeed, Am.Armament, Amiot, Antifuite, Argus.

ENVELOPE 1              Abrams Aircraft Corp.

ENVELOPE 2              AERA.

ENVELOPE 3              Aerocessoires Simmonds.

ENVELOPE 4              Aerodesign & Engineering Co.

ENVELOPE 5              Air France.

ENVELOPE 6              Airspeed Ltd.

ENVELOPE 7              American Armament Corporation.

ENVELOPE 8              Amiot.

ENVELOPE 9              Avion Amiot.

ENVELOPE 10             Antifuite.

ENVELOPE 11             Argus.

BOX 24    Automotive Products, Beechcraft, Bellanca, Ben Jones, Boeing.

ENVELOPE 1              Automotive Products Company Ltd.

ENVELOPE 2              Beechcraft Aircraft Corp.

ENVELOPE 3              Bellanca Aircraft Corp.

ENVELOPE 4              Bellanca Aircraft Corp. #2.

ENVELOPE 5              Ben Jones, Inc.

ENVELOPE 6              Bennett Aircraft Corp.

ENVELOPE 7              Blackburn Aircraft Ltd.

ENVELOPE 8              Boeing Airplane Company.

ENVELOPE 9              Boeing Aircraft Company.

ENVELOPE 10             Bleriot.

ENVELOPE 11             Bloch.

ENVELOPE 12             Brewster Aeronautical Corp.

ENVELOPE 13             Breguet.

ENVELOPE 14             Bronzavia.

BOX 25     Bleriot, Bloch, Brequet, Brewster, Bronzavia, Burnelli, Campbell, Caudron-Renault, Cellon, Centre d'Aviation Populaire, Centre d'Information du Nickel, Centro Studi et Esperience per il Volo a Vela, Cessna, Chamoy Chantiers, Le Chimiste, Compteurs Montrouge, Concorde, Consolidated Aircraft, Consolidated Vultee, Controleur ACDFK Corben.

ENVELOPE 1              Burnelli Aircraft Ltd.

ENVELOPE 2              Campbell Aircraft Company.

ENVELOPE 3              Caudron-Renault.

ENVELOPE 4              Cellon Ltd.

ENVELOPE 5              Centre d’Avioation Populaire de la Region Nazairienne.

ENVELOPE 6              Centre d’Information du Nickel.

ENVELOPE 7              Centro Studi ed Esperience Per il Volo a Vela.

ENVELOPE 8              Cessna Aircraft Company.

ENVELOPE 9              Chamoy.

ENVELOPE 10             Chantiers Aeronautiques Wibault Pennoet.

ENVELOPE 11             La Chimiste.

ENVELOPE 12             Compteurs Mantrouge.

ENVELOPE 13             Concorde.

ENVELOPE 14             Consolidated Aircraft Corporations.

ENVELOPE 15             Consolidated Vultee Corp.

ENVELOPE 16             Controleur ACDFK.

ENVELOPE 17             Corben Aircraft.

BOX 26      Cunliffe-Owen, Curtiss-Wright, Reichsverband der Deutschen Luftafahrt Industrie, Devoitine, Dispostif Cinematique Perfetti, Douglas, Electric Auto-liter, L'Epopee Aerienne, Fairchild.

Workers on the production lines at the Saint Louis, Missouri plant of the Airplane Division of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, ca. 1935.

ENVELOPE 1              Cunliffe-Owen Aircraft Ltd.

ENVELOPE 2              Curtiss-Wright.

ENVELOPE 3              Curtiss-Wright Corporation.

ENVELOPE 4              Der Reichsverband der Deutschen Luftfahrt-Industrie.

ENVELOPE 5              Devoitine.

ENVELOPE 6              Le Dispositif Cinematique Perfetti.

ENVELOPE 7              Douglas Motors Ltd.

ENVELOPE 8              Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc.

ENVELOPE 9              Douglas Aircraft Corporation.

ENVELOPE 10             Electric Auto-Lite Company.

ENVELOPE 11             Fairchild Aviation Inc.

ENVELOPE 12             Fairchild Engine & Airplane Corporation.

BOX 27   Farman, Fleetwings, Fokker.

ENVELOPE 1              Farman #1.

ENVELOPE 2              Farman #2.

ENVELOPE 3              Farman #3 (motors).

ENVELOPE 4              Fleetwings Inc.

ENVELOPE 5              Fokker #1.

ENVELOPE 6              Fokker #2.

BOX 28      Gallus, General Aircraft, General Aviation, Glenn L. Martin, Goodrich, Handley Page, De Havailand, Hawker, Hobson, Institute Aerotechnique Deutsch, Jaeger, Karman, Kellett Autogiro, KNILM, Kellner Becherau, Koolhoven.

ENVELOPE 1              Gallus.

ENVELOPE 2              General Aircraft Ltd.

ENVELOPE 3              General Aviation Manufacturing Corporation.

ENVELOPE 4              Glenn L. Martin Company.

ENVELOPE 5              Goodrich.

ENVELOPE 6              Guerrier & Thiebault.

ENVELOPE 7              Dettavilland Enterprise.

ENVELOPE 8              Dettauilland-Directors Report 1938.

ENVELOPE 9              Hawker Aircraft Ltd.

ENVELOPE 10             Hobson Components Ltd.

ENVELOPE 11             Institut Aerotechnique Deutsch.

ENVELOPE 12             Jaeger Aviation.

ENVELOPE 13             The Kaman Aircraft Corporation.

ENVELOPE 14             Kellett Autogiro Corporation.

ENVELOPE 15             K.N.I.L.M (Royal Netherlands Indies Airways).

ENVELOPE 16             Kellner Bechereau.

ENVELOPE 17             Koolhoven #1 (Avions).

BOX 29     Koolhoven, Labinal, Latecoere, Levasseur, Lignez, Licre & Olivier.

ENVELOPE 1              Koolhoven #2 (Avions).

ENVELOPE 2              Labinal.

ENVELOPE 3              Latecoere #1.

ENVELOPE 4              Latecoere #2.

ENVELOPE 5              Levasseur.

ENVELOPE 6              Lignez.

ENVELOPE 7              Liore & Olivier Etablissements.

BOX 30     Lincoln Arc Welding, Lockheed, Loire Nieuport, Lorenz, Luscombe, Martin, Material Telephonique, Maubousin, Moulet & Cie.

ENVELOPE 1              James F. Lincoln ARC Welding Association.

ENVELOPE 2              Lockheed Aircraft Corporation.

ENVELOPE 3              Lockheed Aircraft Corporation.

ENVELOPE 4              Lockheed.

ENVELOPE 5              Loire Nieuport.

ENVELOPE 6              Lorenz.

ENVELOPE 7              Luscombe Airplane Development Corporation.

ENVELOPE 8              Martin, Moulet & Cie.

ENVELOPE 9              Le Material Telephonique.

ENVELOPE 10             Avions Mauboussin.

BOX 31    Max Holste, Messier, Mojneau, Morane-Saulnier, Mureaux, Nardi, Noordnyn, Normalair, North American, Northrop.

ENVELOPE 1              Max Holste.

ENVELOPE 2              Messier (Etablissements).

ENVELOPE 3              R. Moineau.

ENVELOPE 4              Morane- Saulnier.

ENVELOPE 5              Mureaux.

ENVELOPE 6              Nardi.

ENVELOPE 7              Noorduyn Aircraft Ltd.

ENVELOPE 8              Normalair.

ENVELOPE 9              North American Aviation Inc.

ENVELOPE 10             North American Aviation Inc.

ENVELOPE 11             North American Aviation Inc.

ENVELOPE 12             North American Aviation Inc.

ENVELOPE 13             Northrop Aircraft Inc.

BOX 32    Paul Aubert, Phillips & Pain, Phillips & Powis, Piper, Platt – LePage, Porterfield, Potez, Potterat Metalworking, Rear Vin, Rellumit.

ENVELOPE 1              Paul Aubert (Avions).

ENVELOPE 2              Philips & Pain (Etablissements).

ENVELOPE 3              Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd.

ENVELOPE 4              Piper Aircraft Corporation.

ENVELOPE 5              Porterfield Aircraft Corporation.

ENVELOPE 6              Potez Avions #1 (SNCA).

ENVELOPE 7              Potez Avions #2.

ENVELOPE 8              Potterat, Metal Working Machines.

ENVELOPE 9              Rear Win Aircraft & Engines Inc.

ENVELOPE 10             Rellumit.

BOX 33      Renard, Richard, Ryan, Seversky, Short Brothers, Siebee, Sikorsky, SNCA.

ENVELOPE 1              Renard.

In the Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation,
Stratford, Connecticut, 1940.
(LC Prints & Photographs Coll.)

ENVELOPE 2              J. Richard.

ENVELOPE 3              Rose Airplane Corporation.

ENVELOPE 4              Rotol Ltd.

ENVELOPE 5              Ryan Aeronautical Company.

ENVELOPE 6              Ryan Aeronautical Company.

ENVELOPE 7              Seversky Aircraft Corporation.

ENVELOPE 8              Short Brothers.

ENVELOPE 9              Siebel Flugzeugwerke.

ENVELOPE 10             Sikorsky Aircraft.

ENVELOPE 11             S.N.C.A. S.O.

ENVELOPE 12             S.N.C.A. du Sud Est.

BOX 34   SNCA (Hanriot), Soc. Aerienne Bordolaise, Son. Anon. Belge, Soc. Constr d'Aviation Legere, Soc. d'Etudes Aeronautiques, Soc. Fran. d'Aviation Nouvelle, Soc. Franc. de Construct. Aeron., Soc. Gen. du Magnesium.

ENVELOPE 1              Hanriot #1 (S.N.C.A.).

ENVELOPE 2              Hanriot #2 (S.N.C.A.).

ENVELOPE 3              SNCASO.

ENVELOPE 4              Societe Aerienne Bordelaise.

ENVELOPE 5              Societe Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aeronautiques.

ENVELOPE 6              Societe Constructions d’Aviation Legere.

ENVELOPE 7              Societe d’Etudes Aeronautiques.

ENVELOPE 8              Societe Francaise d’Aviation Nouvelle.

ENVELOPE 9              Societe De Constructions Aeronautiques.

ENVELOPE 10             Societe Generale du Magnesium.

BOX 35    Soc. Mecanique generale, Soc. Nat. de Constr. Aeron. du Centre, Soc. Provencale de Constr.
Aero., Spartan, Stinson, Taylor, Tecalemit, Timm. Tipsy.

ENVELOPE 1              Societe du Mercanique Generale.

ENVELOPE 2              Societe Nationale de Constructions Aeronautique du Centre.

ENVELOPE 3              Societe Provencale de Constructions Aeronautique.

ENVELOPE 4              Spartan Aircraft Company.

ENVELOPE 5              Taylor Aircraft Company (“The Club”).

ENVELOPE 6              Tecalemit.

ENVELOPE 7              Timm Aircraft Corporation.

ENVELOPE 8              Tipsy Aircraft Co. Ltd.

BOX 36      TWA, United, VIA, Vickers, Vultee, Waco, Walter, Weick, Weir, Westland, Williamson Photographic.

ENVELOPE 1              TWA.

ENVELOPE 2              United Aircraft Corporation.

ENVELOPE 3              VIA.

ENVELOPE 4              Vickers Ltd.

ENVELOPE 5              Vultee Aircraft.

ENVELOPE 6              Waco Aircraft Corporation.

ENVELOPE 7              Walter.

ENVELOPE 8              G.&J. Weir, Ltd.

ENVELOPE 9              Fred E. Weick & Associates.

ENVELOPE 10             Westland Aircraft Ltd.

ENVELOPE 11             Williamson (Photographic Engineers).

BOX 37   Books

ITEM 1                  Album: drawings of Montgolfiere-type balloons which ascended from Tarragona (Spain) in 1876.

ITEM 2                  Variable Pitch propellers Log Book, London: HMSO. 1949.

ITEM 3                  Instructions on Setting up, Adjusting, and Care of Clerget Rotary Engine, Washington, GPO.

ITEM 4                  L'Ecole' d'Ader.

ITEM 5                  DERULUFT – "German-Russian Aeronautical Company."

ITEM 6                  Le Spactateur Militaire. Paris. 1887.

BOX 38    Books

ITEM 1                  Les Usines - publications of Hispano-Suiza Corp.

ITEM 2                  L'Aviation Francaise. Special ed. of L'Illustration Economique et Financiere. 20 Mai 1922.

ITEM 3                  Two Aerial Voyages of Dr. Jefferies & Mons. Blanchard. London. Reprinted (2 copies.) 1786.

ITEM 4                  Rallye du Hoggar. 1936.

ITEM 5                  George H. Dowty: Retractable Undercarriages. 1935.

ITEM 6                  4th Internationales Flugmeeting, Zurich 1937 and other programs.

ITEM 7                  Medal: Concours des Jeunes Tigres Cree par l’Aerophile Section de Grenoble.

ITEM 8                  Medal: “In Eo PatriÆ Spes,” A. Borrell 1894.

ITEM 9                  Medal: “Feriam Sedera,” M. Dammann 1920.

BOX 39            Photo Album: Congresses Int. de Fiat; Germans marching into Paris 1940; liberation of Paris, 1944.

BOX 40            Flying events.

ENVELOPE 1              Conference Notes, 1924 Aero Club.

ENVELOPE 2              Aerodromes de la Region Parisienne.

ENVELOPE 3              Advertisements for Aircrafts.

ENVELOPE 4              Advertisements for Air Show.

ENVELOPE 5              Advertisements for Air Show (Italy).

ENVELOPE 6              Advertisements for Air Show (Spain).

ENVELOPE 7              Air Transport (Clipping).\

ENVELOPE 8              R. Alkan & Cie.

ENVELOPE 9              Anniversary notices for balloonists Charles, Montgolfieres, Duro.

ENVELOPE 10             Aviation Events 1948 #1.

ENVELOPE 11             Aviation Events 1948 #2.

ENVELOPE 12             Autographs and Business Cards.

ENVELOPE 13             French Aviation Maps.

ENVELOPE 14             French Aviation Letters, Announcements and Invitations.

BOX 41    Test bombing of ships by U.S. planes. 1921.

ENVELOPE 1              Bombing Tests.

ENVELOPE 2              Commercial Air.

ENVELOPE 3              Cartoons.

ENVELOPE 4              Construction Materials.

ENVELOPE 5              Dirigibles and Zeppelins.

ENVELOPE 6              Designs and Advertisements.

ENVELOPE 7              Designs and Sketches.

BOX 42     Aeronautical articles. 1940.

Bréguet General Factory Workshop

ENVELOPE 1              Military Air Transport
                                        (Magazine Clippings).

ENVELOPE 2              Divers.

ENVELOPE 3              L'Ecole Nationale Superieure de
                                       L' Aeronautique (program). 1949

ENVELOPE 4              Gliders (magazine clippings).

ENVELOPE 5              Grand Prix, France, 1912 (maps),
                                    1923 (program).

ENVELOPE 6              Gyroplanes. 1930s.

ENVELOPE 7              Helicopteres Contre Sous-Marins.

ENVELOPE 8              German Anti-Submarine Warfare.

ENVELOPE 9              Kites (1933).

ENVELOPE 10             Kites (pre WWI).

ENVELOPE 11             "Humorous Aviation." 1908-1912.

ENVELOPE 12             Aeronautical maps (France, Romania).

ENVELOPE 13             Maps and Plans #1.

ENVELOPE 14             Maps and Plans #2.

ENVELOPE 15             McFarland Collection.

BOX 43    Miscellaneous aircraft (French) paintings.

ENVELOPE 1              Miscellaneous Aircraft Paintings.

ENVELOPE 2              Miscellaneous Letters and Memos (France).

ENVELOPE 3              Miscellaneous Notes (Re: Model Aircraft).

ENVELOPE 4              Model Aircrafts: Packages and Kits #1 (Germany).

ENVELOPE 5              Model Aircrafts: Packages and Kits #2.

ENVELOPE 6              Miscellaneous Letters.

ENVELOPE 7              The N.C 702 Aircraft Publications and Photographs.

ENVELOPE 8              Model Aircrafts: Written Materials.

ENVELOPE 9              Foreign Naval Aviation.

ENVELOPE 10             New Aircraft on Display 1946-1947.

ENVELOPE 11             Official Records.

ENVELOPE 12             On Board Instruments.

ENVELOPE 13             Organization Chart of the Bureau of Aircraft Production 1918.

ENVELOPE 14             Pigeons Voyageurs.

ENVELOPE 15             Programs for Aviation Demos.

BOX 44     Radiogoniometers.

ENVELOPE 1              Radiogoniometres (et P.S.V.).

ENVELOPE 2              Shell Conversion Table.

ENVELOPE 3              SIPL 250 Aircraft Publications and Photos (French).

ENVELOPE 4              Societe des Moteurs Gnome & Rhone.

ENVELOPE 5              Technique Heroere.

ENVELOPE 6              Theatre des Champes Elysees: "Gala costes et Le Brix."

ENVELOPE 7              “Transports Aeriens.”

ENVELOPE 8              “Tube Cathodique.”

ENVELOPE 9              Uniweld Machine.

ENVELOPE 10             Aircraft production (Art drawing).

ENVELOPE 11             Flight of birds: studies.

ENVELOPE 12             Wind-tunnel studies.


Contains photographs, drawings, and charts pertaining to early aviation in the first half of the twentieth century.

BOX 45            Aircraft accidents.

ENVELOPE 1              Austria.

ENVELOPE 2              Belgium.

ENVELOPE 3              England.

ENVELOPE 4              France.

ENVELOPE 5              Germany.

ENVELOPE 6              Holland.

ENVELOPE 7              Spain.

ENVELOPE 8              Switzerland.

ENVELOPE 9              Sweden and Norway.

ENVELOPE 10             Accidents Before WWI.

ENVELOPE 11             Accidents Before WWI #2.

ENVELOPE 12             Accidents Before WWI #3.

ENVELOPE 13             USA.

ENVELOPE 14             USA #2.

ENVELOPE 15             England.

ENVELOPE 16             Balloon Accidents.

ENVELOPE 17             “Emeraude” 1934.

ENVELOPE 18             French Accidents: Trains.

ENVELOPE 19             French Dirigibles Accidents.

BOX 46            Commercial airlines (various countries, inc. Britain, France, Germany,
                              the Netherlands, U.S.).

ENVELOPE 1              Airlines (Various Countries).

ENVELOPE 2              Air Routes (Belgium).

ENVELOPE 3              Air Routes (England).

ENVELOPE 4              Air Routes (France).

ENVELOPE 5              Air Routes (Germany).

ENVELOPE 6              Air Routes (Italy).

ENVELOPE 7              Air Routes (Netherlands, Holland).

ENVELOPE 8              Air Routes (Romania).

ENVELOPE 9              Air Routes (Russia).

ENVELOPE 10             Air Routes (Switzerland).

ENVELOPE 11             Airlines (USA).

BOX 47            Air Mail Photographs.

ENVELOPE 1              Airmail.

ENVELOPE 2              France.

ENVELOPE 3              USA.

ENVELOPE 4              England.

ENVELOPE 5              Germany.

BOX 48            Air Maneuvers, military, various countries, prior to WWII.

ENVELOPE 1              England.

ENVELOPE 2              Germany.

ENVELOPE 3              Italy.

ENVELOPE 4              Japan.

ENVELOPE 5              USA.

ENVELOPE 6              France.

ENVELOPE 7              Before the WWI.

BOX 49            Personalities (post-WWI).

ENVELOPE 1              Named Air Personalities (France).

ENVELOPE 2              Unknown French Personalities.

ENVELOPE 3              Obituary: George Besancon

ENVELOPE 4              Photos: Max Holste, 1942.

ENVELOPE 5              Photos: Aviator, M. Farman.

ENVELOPE 6              Capitaine Georges Guynemer.

ENVELOPE 7              Photos: Aviator, Leopold-Roger.

ENVELOPE 8              Graham White.

ENVELOPE 9              Piccard Brothers.

ENVELOPE 10             Photos: U.S Aviators: Langley.

ENVELOPE 11             U.S Air Personalities.

ENVELOPE 12             Photos: German Aviators.

ENVELOPE 13             Listings of Decorated Aviators.

ENVELOPE 14             U.S Air Personalities.

ENVELOPE 15             Photos: Student Pilots.

ENVELOPE 16             Photos: Pilots.

ENVELOPE 17             Unknown American Aviators.

ENVELOPE 18             Named Air Personalities (USA).

ENVELOPE 19             Marriages of Various Aviators.

ENVELOPE 20             Albert Francis Zahm.

ENVELOPE 21             Index: Photos of Personalities.

1913 Hydravion Race

BOX 50            Air shows/Exhibits. 1909-1930.

ENVELOPE 1              Aviation Shows 1909.

ENVELOPE 2              Aviation Shows 1910.

ENVELOPE 3              Aviation Shows 1911-1913.

ENVELOPE 4              Aviation Shows 1921-1922.

ENVELOPE 5              Aeronautics Show 1924.

ENVELOPE 6              Aeronautics Show 1926.

ENVELOPE 7              Aeronautics Show 1928.

ENVELOPE 8              Aeronautics Show 1930.

BOX 51            Air Shows/Exhibits. 1931-1948.

ENVELOPE 1              Photos: Aeronautics Show 1932.

ENVELOPE 2              Photos: Aeronautics Show 1934.

ENVELOPE 3              Photos: Aeronautics Show 1936.

ENVELOPE 4              Photos: Aeronautics Show 1938.

ENVELOPE 5              Photos: Aeronautics Show Yugoslavia 1938.

ENVELOPE 6              Photos: Air Show France 1940 (“Salon de la France”).

ENVELOPE 7              Photos: Air Show 1946.

ENVELOPE 8              Photos: Air Show “Hare & Tortoise” England, 1948.

ENVELOPE 9              Photos: Beaux Arts Air Show.

ENVELOPE 10             Photos: Milan Air Show 1946.

ENVELOPE 11             Photos: Air Shows France.

ENVELOPE 12             Photos: Aeronautics Air Shows.

ENVELOPE 13             Photos: 1937 Exhibit.

ENVELOPE 14             Aeronautic Shows and Exhibits.

ENVELOPE 15             Aeronautic Shows and Exhibits #2.

BOX 52            Receptions, festivals, banquets prior to WWII: A-C.

ENVELOPE 1              Aero Club-Grand Prix.

ENVELOPE 2              Aero Club Receptions.

ENVELOPE 3              Air Festivals (Belgium).

ENVELOPE 4              Air Festivals (France).

ENVELOPE 5              Balls, Festivals, Parties & Banquets.

ENVELOPE 6              Aircraft Baptisms

ENVELOPE 7              Ceremonies Before WWI.

BOX 53            Receptions, festivals, banquets prior to WWII: D-Z.

ENVELOPE 1              ”Concours Jeunes Tigres” 1943.

ENVELOPE 2              Concours National 1963.

ENVELOPE 3              Commerations.

ENVELOPE 4              Miscellaneous Commemorations.

ENVELOPE 5              Costes, Brix & Bellonte Receptions.

ENVELOPE 6              Coupes (“Remises de Coupes”).

ENVELOPE 7              Decoration Ceremonies.

ENVELOPE 8              Inauguration du L’er Salon de l’Aeronautique.

ENVELOPE 9              Inaugurations.

ENVELOPE 10             Miscellaneous Receptions.

ENVELOPE 11             Yankee Clipper Reception of American Journalists.

BOX 54            Coupes (spherical balloons): Gordon Bennett (1906-1913), Schneider, Deutsch.

ENVELOPE 1              Coupe Gordon Bennett (Balloon Spheriques).

ENVELOPE 2              Coupe Gordon Bennett 1906.

ENVELOPE 3              Coupe Gordon Bennett 1908.

ENVELOPE 4              Coupe Gordon Bennett 1909.

ENVELOPE 5              Coupe Gordon Bennett 1911-1912.

ENVELOPE 6              Coupe Gordon Bennett 1913.

ENVELOPE 7              Coupe Schneider.

ENVELOPE 8              “Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe.”

BOX 55            Aeronautical equipment.

ENVELOPE 1              Equipment Parts (France).

ENVELOPE 2              Photos: Airplane Items and Parts.

ENVELOPE 3              Equipment for Taking Aerial Photos.

ENVELOPE 4              Aerodynamic Equipment (USA).

ENVELOPE 5              Air Equipment

ENVELOPE 6              Air Equipment (Publications and Photographs).

ENVELOPE 7              Equipment (“Amortisseur de Goureme”).

ENVELOPE 8              Autogenus Welding.

ENVELOPE 9              Flight Control Equipment (England).

ENVELOPE 10             Flight Control Equipment (France).

ENVELOPE 11             Flight Control Equipment (Holland).

ENVELOPE 12             Flight Control Equipment (Germany).

ENVELOPE 13             Flight Control Equipment (Italy).

ENVELOPE 14             Flight Control Equipment (Poland).

ENVELOPE 15             Flight Control Equipment (USA).

ENVELOPE 16             Equipment (Greece).

ENVELOPE 17             Instruments de Pilotage.

ENVELOPE 18             Aircrafts: Interior Instrument Panels.

ENVELOPE 19             Life Saving Equipment (Belgium).

ENVELOPE 20             Life Saving Equipment (Germany).

ENVELOPE 21             Life Saving Equipment (USA).

ENVELOPE 22             On Board Equipment (England).

ENVELOPE 23             Arial Cameras.

ENVELOPE 24             Compasses.

ENVELOPE 25             Control Equipment.

ENVELOPE 26             Defroster.

ENVELOPE 27             Photos & Diagrams of Equipment Parts.

ENVELOPE 28             Factory Equipment.

ENVELOPE 29             Pilot Equipment.

ENVELOPE 30             Radio Equipment (Germany)

ENVELOPE 31             Radio Equipment.

ENVELOPE 32             Radio Direction Finding Equipment (France).

ENVELOPE 33             Equipment- Slide Rule.

ENVELOPE 34             Equipment Security (Italy).

ENVELOPE 35             Equipment Security Control (USA).

ENVELOPE 36             Shock Cord (France).

ENVELOPE 37             Stabilizer.

ENVELOPE 38             Stabilizer (USA).

ENVELOPE 39             On Board Instruments.
BOX 56            Photographs of Meetings, Conferences.

ENVELOPE 1              Miscellaneous Coupes & Meetings.

ENVELOPE 2              Miscellaneous Meetings #1.

ENVELOPE 3              Meeting Aerien de Nice 1947.

ENVELOPE 4              Buc Meeting 1920.

ENVELOPE 5              Coupes et Meetings de Vincennes.

ENVELOPE 6              “Cousseus le Noble” Meeting 1946.

ENVELOPE 7              Mans International Meeting.

ENVELOPE 8              Saint Germain Meeting.

ENVELOPE 9              Saint Raphael Meeting.

ENVELOPE 10             Miscellaneous Meetings #2.

BOX 57            Photos: Aerobatics, aerodromes, airports.

ENVELOPE 1              Aerobatics (England).

ENVELOPE 2              Aerobatics (France).

ENVELOPE 3              Aerobatics (Germany).

ENVELOPE 4              Aerobatics (Italy).

ENVELOPE 5              Aerobatics (USA).

ENVELOPE 6              “Aero Cible Michelin” (France).

ENVELOPE 7              Aero-Club.

ENVELOPE 8              “Aerodromes” (Canada).

ENVELOPE 9              “Aerodromes” (England).

ENVELOPE 10             “Aerodromes” (France).

ENVELOPE 11             “Aerodromes” (Germany).

ENVELOPE 12             “Aerodromes” (Japan).

ENVELOPE 13             “Aerodromes” (Sweden).

ENVELOPE 14             “Aerodromes” photographs and diagram (USA).

ENVELOPE 15             “Materiel Aerodrome.”

ENVELOPE 16             L’Aerodrome (Paris).

ENVELOPE 17             Air Ministry.

ENVELOPE 18             Air Ministry (Italy).

ENVELOPE 19             Air Signals (Japan).

ENVELOPE 20             Airports (France).

ENVELOPE 21             Airports #1.

ENVELOPE 22             Airports #2.

ENVELOPE 23             Various Airports and Air Stations.

ENVELOPE 24             Aircraft Carrier Ships (“Navires Porte Avions”).

ENVELOPE 25             Armament (Czechoslovakia).

ENVELOPE 26             Armament (England).

ENVELOPE 27             Armament (France).

ENVELOPE 28             Armament (Italy).

ENVELOPE 29             Armament (Sweden & Norway).

ENVELOPE 30             Armament (Switzerland).

ENVELOPE 31             Armament/Weaponry (USA).

ENVELOPE 32             “Artificial Clouds.”

ENVELOPE 33             “Attestatations.”

ENVELOPE 34             Automatic Pilot.

BOX 58            Automobiles, including electric, Avion Laboratoire, challenges de tourisme,
                              cinema, circuits.

ENVELOPE 1              Automobiles (International).

ENVELOPE 2              Electric-Powered Cars (France) 1940.

ENVELOPE 3              Electric-Powered Cars 1940.

ENVELOPE 4              “Avion Laboratuire.”

ENVELOPE 5              “Challenges de Tourisme.”

ENVELOPE 6              “Chronometreage Enregistrement Observation” (Timing Registration Remarks).

ENVELOPE 7              Cinema/Movies.

ENVELOPE 8              Curcuit de l’Est.

ENVELOPE 9              “Circuit d’Anjou” 1912.

ENVELOPE 10             “Circuit European.”

ENVELOPE 11             Congress.

ENVELOPE 12             Course Paris and Rome.

BOX 59            Courses (routes), destroyed aircraft, eclipse 1905, factories, floating islands, ground
                              lighting, hangers, human-powered flight, inventions, Laboratoire Eiffel, memorial
                              services, monuments.

ENVELOPE 1              Course Paris-Madrid.

ENVELOPE 2              “Distinctions Honorifiques.”

ENVELOPE 3              Destroyed Aircraft.

ENVELOPE 4              Eclipse, 1905.

ENVELOPE 5              Factories.

ENVELOPE 6              Floating Islands.

ENVELOPE 7              ”Grand Semaine de Reims.”

ENVELOPE 8              Ground Lighting and Signals.

ENVELOPE 9              Ground Lighting (USA).

ENVELOPE 10             Hangers (France).

ENVELOPE 11             Hangers (USA).

ENVELOPE 12             Human Flight.

ENVELOPE 13             Human Flight.

ENVELOPE 14             Infrastructure (USA).

ENVELOPE 15             Institut Aerotechnique.

ENVELOPE 16             Inventions (France).

ENVELOPE 17             Inventions (England).

ENVELOPE 18             Inventions (Germany).

ENVELOPE 19             Laboratoire Eiffel.

ENVELOPE 20             Memorial Services.

ENVELOPE 21             Memorial Service for Victims of “L’Emeraude.”

ENVELOPE 22             Mercantile Marine (USA).

ENVELOPE 23             Meteorology (England).

ENVELOPE 24             Monuments, Notices & Insignias.

BOX 60            Monuments, indignia, museums, observatories, medical experiments, polar flights,
                              refueling in air, saloons.

ENVELOPE 1              Monuments, Insignias, Art Objects.

ENVELOPE 2              Museums.

ENVELOPE 3              Observatories (Photos and one Manuscript).

ENVELOPE 4              Physiology Medical Experiments.

ENVELOPE 5              Salon d’Aviation (France).

ENVELOPE 6              Official Visits.

ENVELOPE 7              Plants (USA).

ENVELOPE 8              Polar Bears.

ENVELOPE 9              Polar Flights.

ENVELOPE 10             Rallies.

ENVELOPE 11             Aerial Refueling (USA).

ENVELOPE 12             Reservoirs (France).

ENVELOPE 13             Reviewing of the Troops.

ENVELOPE 14             Publication: Salon Internationale (Yugoslavia).

ENVELOPE 15             Publication: Second Salon de Milan.

BOX 61            Schools for aviators, sports, Wellman Polar Expedition, wind tunnels,
                              wings (experimental designs).

ENVELOPE 1              Schools (France).

ENVELOPE 2              Sports.

ENVELOPE 3              Tour of England.

ENVELOPE 4              Aviation in the Theater.

ENVELOPE 5              Timing & Recording.

ENVELOPE 6              Transatlantic Boats.

ENVELOPE 7              Traveling Across the Atlantic.

ENVELOPE 8              Trucks, “Roulottes” (Mobile Repair Stations) and Hangers.

ENVELOPE 9              T.S.F Before WWI.

ENVELOPE 10             T.S.F England.

ENVELOPE 11             La Valette.

ENVELOPE 12             Water Tank 1931.

ENVELOPE 13             Electric Welding (Languepin).

ENVELOPE 14             Experimental Designs for Wings.

ENVELOPE 15             Wind Tunnel.

ENVELOPE 16             Welleman Polar Expedition.

ENVELOPE 17             Wuillemin Squadron.

BOX 62            Misc. Photos by country.

ENVELOPE 1              Miscellaneous Photos: France.

ENVELOPE 2              Miscellaneous Photos: Miscellaneous Countries.

ENVELOPE 3              Miscellaneous Photos: England.

ENVELOPE 4              Miscellaneous Photos: Franco-American.

ENVELOPE 5              Miscellaneous Photos: Germany.

ENVELOPE 6              Miscellaneous Photos: Italy.

ENVELOPE 7              Miscellaneous Photos: Spain.

ENVELOPE 8              Miscellaneous Photos: USA.


Broadside announcing the final parachute jump
at Champ-de-Mars, Paris, April 21, by Elisa Garnerin,
between 1815 and 1836.
(LC Prints & Photographs Coll.)

BOX 63            Parachutes.

ENVELOPE 1              Parachutes (England).

ENVELOPE 2              Parachutes (France).

ENVELOPE 3              Parachutes (USA).

ENVELOPE 4              Parachutes (Germany).

ENVELOPE 5              Parachutes (Italy).

ENVELOPE 6              Parachutes (Poland).

ENVELOPE 7             Parachutes (Russia).

ENVELOPE 8              Parachutes.


BOX 64            Propellers.

ENVELOPE 1              Propellers (England).

ENVELOPE 2              Propellers (Germany).

ENVELOPE 3              Propellers (Italy).

ENVELOPE 4              Propeller (Russia) “Lebedeff.”

ENVELOPE 5              Propellers (USA).

ENVELOPE 6              Conducting Gear for Propellers.

ENVELOPE 7              Propellers (all countries).

ENVELOPE 8              Un-adjustable Propellers.

ENVELOPE 9              Propeller Vibrations (in flight).

BOX 65            Photos of Raids.

ENVELOPE 1              Raids (England).

ENVELOPE 2              Balbo Raid.

ENVELOPE 3              “Juvisy Bagatelle” Raid, 1910.

ENVELOPE 4              Saharian Raid (Before WWI).

ENVELOPE 5              Records of Raids in Italy.

ENVELOPE 6              Records of Raids Japan.

ENVELOPE 7              Records of Raids Russia.

ENVELOPE 8              Records of Raids Sweden.

ENVELOPE 9              Returning from Raids.

ENVELOPE 10             Records of Raids USA.

ENVELOPE 11             Records of Raids.

BOX 66            Research/Testing.

ENVELOPE 1              Research, Tests and Inventions before WWI.

ENVELOPE 2              Astronautics Tests (France).

ENVELOPE 3              Research Test Photographs.

ENVELOPE 4              Astronautics Tests (Germany).

ENVELOPE 5              Astronautics Tests (USA).

BOX 67            New Technology.

ENVELOPE 1              Aerodynamic Techniques.

ENVELOPE 2              Applied Techniques (England).

ENVELOPE 3              Applied Techniques (France).

ENVELOPE 4              Applied Techniques (Germany).

ENVELOPE 5              Applied Techniques (USA).

ENVELOPE 6              Experimental Techniques (England).

ENVELOPE 7              Experimental Techniques (France).

ENVELOPE 8              Experimental Techniques (Italy).

ENVELOPE 9              Experimental Techniques (USA).

ENVELOPE 10             Timing and Registration Applied Techniques.
BOX 68            Commercial, medical and military-medical aviation.

ENVELOPE 1              Colonial Aviation (France).

ENVELOPE 2              Commercial Aviation (France).

ENVELOPE 3              Military Aviation (England) “Concours Militaire Anglais.”

ENVELOPE 4              Medical Aviation (Italy).

ENVELOPE 5              Medical Aviation (France).

ENVELOPE 6              Military Aviation #2.

BOX 69            Alaska Flight 1934 (U.S.); Army-Air generals (U.S.).

ENVELOPE 1              U.S Alaskan Flight, July/August 1934 #1.

ENVELOPE 2              U.S Alaskan Flight July/August 1934 #2.

ENVELOPE 3              U.S Army Generals.

BOX 70            Bombs and missiles: Atomic Bomb, V1, civil air defense, guided missiles, Pearl Harbor,
                              war photos (WWII).

ENVELOPE 1              Pearl Harbor.

ENVELOPE 2              The Atomic Bomb.

ENVELOPE 3              V1 Bomb (Germany).

ENVELOPE 4              Cannons.

ENVELOPE 5              Catapults.

ENVELOPE 6              Civil Air Defense (France) Photographs and Diagram.

ENVELOPE 7              NATIV Guided Missile.

ENVELOPE 8              Photos from WWII (England).

ENVELOPE 9              Photos from the War 1939-1940.

ENVELOPE 10             Torpedo and Bomb Racks.

ENVELOPE 11             Turkish-Italian War.

ENVELOPE 12             Photographs from WWII (Various Countries).

ENVELOPE 13             Photographs: WWI.

ENVELOPE 14             Krupp Plant Destroyed by Allied Bombing.

BOX 71            Drawings: "Aviation made popular." 1940.

ENVELOPE 1              Aviation Made Popular “Piloting.”

ENVELOPE 2              Aviation Made Popular #1 May and June 1941.

ENVELOPE 3              Aviation Made Popular #2 May and June 1941.

ENVELOPE 4              Aviation Made Popular #3 May and June 1941.

ENVELOPE 5              Aviation Made Popular #4 June to November 1940.

ENVELOPE 6              Aviation Made Popular #5 December 1940 to February 1941.

BOX 72            Drawings: "Aviation made popular." 1940-1944.

ENVELOPE 1              Aviation Made Popular #6 March and April 1941.

ENVELOPE 2              Aviation Made Popular #7 March and April 1941.

ENVELOPE 3              Aviation Made Popular #8 1941.

ENVELOPE 4              Aviation Made Popular #9 1942.

ENVELOPE 5              Aviation Made Popular #10 1943.

ENVELOPE 6              Aviation Made Popular #11 1944.
BOX 73            Graphs, charts, diagrams of equipment.

ENVELOPE 1              Diagrams and Chart: Technique-Study on Light-Duty Metal.

ENVELOPE 2              Chart: Plastic and Transparent Materials.

ENVELOPE 3              Chart Displaying Height of Aircrafts.

ENVELOPE 4              Miscellaneous Graphs and Charts.

ENVELOPE 5              Diagrams from Before the War.

ENVELOPE 6              Altitude Graphs.

ENVELOPE 7              Diagrams and Publications: Air Equipment #2 (France).

ENVELOPE 8              Historic Illustrations.

BOX 74            Misc. Apparatus: radiocompass, photography, stroboscopy, etc.

Men engage at apparatus of Zodiac
dirigible balloon, 1907.
(LC Prints & Photographs Coll.)

ENVELOPE 1              Radio Compass.

ENVELOPE 2              Photographie and Stroboscopie
                                        (Various Articles).

ENVELOPE 3              Miscellaneous Apparatus.

ENVELOPE 4              Miscellaneous Apparatus #2.

ENVELOPE 5              Miscellaneous Apparatus #3.

ENVELOPE 6              Miscellaneous Apparatus #4.

ENVELOPE 7              Miscellaneous Apparatus #5.

ENVELOPE 8              Miscellaneous Apparatus #6.

ENVELOPE 9              Miscellaneous Balloon Apparatus.

ENVELOPE 14             Miscellaneous Motors Before WWII.

ENVELOPE 15             Miscellaneous Motors.

ENVELOPE 16             Miscellaneous Motors and Engines.

ENVELOPE 17             Motors (England).

ENVELOPE 18             Miscellaneous Motors (Germany).

ENVELOPE 19             Miscellaneous Motors (Germany).

ENVELOPE 20             Miscellaneous Unknown Motors.

ENVELOPE 21             Model Aircrafts: Motors (France).

ENVELOPE 22             Model Aircrafts: Motors (Germany).

ENVELOPE 23             Model Aircrafts: Motors (Poland).

ENVELOPE 24             Model Aircrafts: Motors (Russia).

ENVELOPE 25             Model Aircraft: Motors (USA).

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Air pilots -- Biography
Women air pilots--Biography
World War, 1914-1918--Aerial operations
World War, 1939-1945--Aerial operations

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Online Sources:

Aerodynamics (Mechanics of Flight). Library of Congress Science Tracer Bullet 00-3.

National Avaiation Hall of Fame. Includes the stories of NAHF enshrinees.

Taking to the Skies: the Wright Brothers and the Birth of Aviation . Smithsonian Institution Libraries on Display.

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