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Women in Astronomy: A Comprehensive Bibliography

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M (Continued)

Mead, Jaylee Montague Burley

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   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the AAS Nominating Committee.

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   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the U.S. National Committee for the IAU.

Mead receives Women in Aerospace award. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 62, Oct. 1992: 5.

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Mead, Kathryn Nadia

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Meech, Karen Jean

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   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for membership on the U.S. National Committee for the IAU.

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Meinel, Marjorie Pettit

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   About Marjorie Pettit Meinel.

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Merrill, Winifred Haring Edgerton

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   LD1237.5.C6, v. 3
   "...With a BA from Wellesley...she invades the all-male world at Columbia."

Middlehurst, Barbara Mary

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Miller, J. Lynn

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Mitchell, Maria

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   References (4): p. 397.

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   Includes bibliographical references.

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   Reprinted with minor changes and revised notes from the New England Quarterly, v. 51, Mar. 1978, p. 39-63 (F1.N62, v. 51).

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   A note in issue no. 196, Sept. 14, 1889, p. 421, reports that Miss Mitchell left $1,000 to Vassar College.

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   The Hall of Fame medal honoring Maria Mitchell is depicted on p. 60.

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Monsignori, Chiara Bruna Fossi

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Morrison, Nancy Dunlap

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Morrow, Cherilynn A.

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Moshkova, Vera Sargeevna

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Mueller, Jean

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   About Jean Mueller, now working with the second Palomar Sky Survey.

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   "A behind-the-scenes look at the people who keep a 53-year-old telescope from falling off the cutting edge."
   Includes information about the career and work of Jean Mueller, a night assistant first at Mt. Wilson and, since 1985, at Palomar.

Mulders, Elizabeth Sternberg

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Müller, Edith Alice

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   A collection of brief reminiscences by many friends, associates, and colleagues.

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   Includes an obituary and portrait of Edith A. Mueller.

Müller, Maria Clara Eimmart

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Myerscough, Valerie Patricia

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   QB1.R732, v. 22


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