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Women in Astronomy: A Comprehensive Bibliography

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Najita, Joan R.

Najita, Cannon Award Winner. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 82, Oct. 1996: 5. port.

Nash, Ana Gomes

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Neff, Susan G.

Susan G. Neff. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 63, Dec. 1992: 7.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the AAS Nominating Committee.

Susan G. Neff. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 78, Dec. 1995: 5.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the AAS Nominating Committee.

Neugebauer, Marcia

Neugebauer, Marcia. Pioneers of space physics: a career in the solar wind. Journal of geophysical research, v. 102, Dec. 1, 1997: 26887-26894. group port.
   References (43): p. 26894.

Neuimina, Mariia Nikolaevna

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Nichols, Joy S.

Joy S. Nichols. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 83, Dec. 1996: 10.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for membership on the U.S. National Committee for the IAU.

Northcott, Ruth Josephine

Broughton, R. Peter. Ruth J. Northcott (1913-1964). In his Looking up: a history of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Toronto, Dundurn Press, 1994. p. 79. port.
   Other portraits appear elsewhere in the volume, on p. 16 and 153.

A Canadian astronomer. Sky and telescope, v. 38, Oct. 1969: 211. port.
   QB1.S536, v. 38
   About Ruth Josephine Northcott.

Heard, John F. Ruth Josephine Northcott. In Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Journal, v. 63, Oct. 1969: 225-226. port.
   QB1.R485, v. 63

Nowacki, Helene

Dr. Helene Nowacki. Astronomische Nachrichten, Bd. 294, Heft 4, 1973: 191.
   QB1.A77, v. 294
   Brief notice of her death.

Frau Hauptobservatorin Dr. H. Nowacki. In Astronomische Gesellschaft. Mitteilungen. Nr. 28. Jahresberichte astronomischer Institute für 1969. Hamburg, 1970. p. 65.
   Notes her retirement after 40 years' service at the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut in Heidelberg.



Oey, Marion S.

The First STScI Institute Fellow: Sally Oey. Space Telescope Science Institute newsletter, v. 16, June 1999: 16. port.

Hunter, Deidre A., and Philip Massey. Welcome Dr. Oey. Lowell observer, issue 50, spring 2001: 10. port.
   Dr. Oey joined the staff of Lowell Observatory in February 2001.

1999 Cannon Award to M. S. Oey. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 95, June 1999: 17. port.

Ogir, Maiia Borisovna

Maiia Borisovna Ogir. Izvestiia Krymskoi astrofizicheskoi observatorii, t. 86, 1992: 211. port.

Olmsted, Margaret

Öpik, Ernst J. Margaret Olmsted (Oct. 30, 1901-July 5, 1967). In memoriam. Irish astronomical journal, v. 8, Mar. 1968: 183-184.
   QB1.I753, v. 8



Padrielli, Lucia

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   Q141.W59 1995

Pajdušáková, Ludmila

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   QB495.K69, v. 7

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   Q4.V44, v. 55

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   QB1.R45, v. 61

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   QB1.B5, v. 31

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   QB1.R45, v. 57

RN Dr. L'. Pajdušáková, CSc, zomrela. Kozmos, roc. 10, cís. 6, 1979: 161.
   QB495.K69, v. 10
   A photograph of Comet 1956 II Pajdušáková is reproduced on the inside front cover of the issue.

Tremko, Jozef. Zomrela L'udmila Pajdušáková. Vesmír, ro . 59, ís. 1, 1980: 26. port.
   Q4.V44, v. 59

Palmer, Margaretta

Died. Dr. Margaretta Palmer. Vassar quarterly, v. 9, May 1924: 210.
   LH1.V3A4, v. 9

Miss Margaretta Palmer. New York times, v. 73, Jan. 31, 1924: 15.

Miss Margaretta Palmer. Populär astronomisk tidskrift, arg. 5, häfte 3/4, 1924: 182.

Palmer, Margaretta. In Woman's who's who of America. A biographical dictionary of contemporary women of the United States and Canada. 1914-1915. John William Leonard, editor-in-chief. New York, American Commonwealth Co. [1914] p. 618.


Park, Hye-Sook

Schilling, Govert. Argusogen in Livermore. In his Flash! De jacht op komische superexplosies. Amsterdam, Wereldbibliotheek [2000] p. 191-205. illus. (part col.), ports.
   Includes discussion of the Livermore Optical Transient Imaging System (LOTIS) project, led by Hye-Sook Park.

Payne-Gaposchkin, Cecilia Helena

Bailey, Brooke. Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, 1900-1979. In her The remarkable lives of 100 women healers and scientists. Holbrook, Mass., B. Adams, 1994. (20th century women series) p. 162-163.
   R692.B35 1994
   References (2): p. 163.

Bailey, Martha J. Payne-Gaposchkin, Cecilia Helena. In her American women in science, a biographical dictionary. Santa Barbara, Calif., ABC-CLIO, 1994. p. 296-297.
   Q141.B25 1994

Bartusiak, Marcia. The stuff of stars. Sciences, v. 33, Sept./Oct. 1993: 34-39. col. illus.
   Q1.S8147, v. 33
   "When a woman graduate student discovered abundant hydrogen in stellar spectrums, she was bullied into suppressing her results." Adapted from the author's book, Through a Universe Darkly (New York, Harper Collins Publishers, 1993.)

Bodanis, David. The fires of the sun. Wilson quarterly, v. 24, summer 2000: 25-30. illus., port.
   Based on chapter 14 of his book, E=mc2.

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   About Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin.

Camp, Carole Ann. Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin (1900-1979). In her American astronomers; searchers and wonderers. Springfield, N.J., Enslow Publishers [1996] (Collective biographies) p. [68]-75. ports.
   QB35.C36 1996
   References (16): p. 97-98.

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   Q141.N73 1995, v. 3
   References (8): p. 1554.

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   References (8): p. 443.

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   Q141.N734 1997
   Notes (8): p. 291. Bibliography: p. 291.

First Woman to chair Astronomy Department at Harvard. In The Women's book of world records and achievements. Edited by Lois Decker O'Neill. Garden City, N.Y., Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1979. p. 151.
   About Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin.

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    QB1.R732, v. 23

Harvard astronomer wins 1957 Achievement Award. In American Association of University Women. Journal, v. 51, Oct. 1957: 15-17.
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Horn, Dara. The shoulders of giants. Science, v. 280, May 29, 1998: 1354-1355. col. illus., port. (Essays on science and society)
   Q1.S35, v. 280
   On the disbelief that greeted Cecilia Payne's discovery of hydrogen as the chief constituent of the stars, and the ensuing general failure to credit her with this finding.

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   Abstract of a paper presented at the Society's 161st meeting, Jan. 9-12, 1983, in Boston, Massachusetts.

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   Q130.U525 1987
   References (80): p. 336-342.

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   QB36.G37A33 1984
   Bibliography of works by Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin: p. 239-255.
   See also Dorrit Hofflieit's review in Sky & Telescope, v. 68, Sept. 1984, p. 225-227 (QB1.S536, v. 68).

Payne-Gaposchkin, Cecilia (Helena). In Current biography yearbook. 1957. Edited by Marjorie Dent Candee. New York, H. W. Wilson Co., 1958. p. 421-423. port.
   CT100.C8, 1957

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   QB980.5.R68 1999

Payne-Gaposchkin honored by Astronomical Society. Physics today, v. 29, Sept. 1976: 69.
   QC1.P658, v. 29
   Reports her selection as Henry Norris Russell Lecturer for 1976.

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   QB15.R67 1982
   Payne-Gaposchkin appears with Annie J. Cannon in the photograph reproduced on p. 264.

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   QC1.P658, v. 33

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   A bibliography of works by and about Payne-Gaposchkin appears on p. 459-460.

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   QB1.S536, v. 59


Payne-Scott, Ruby

Bhathal, Ragbir S. Ruby Payne-Scott. In his Australian astronomers: achievements at the frontiers of astronomy. [Canberra] National Library of Australia [1996] p. 3. port.
   QB35.B48 1996

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   Q127.A8A86 1988
   Ruby Payne-Scott: p. 315. She is included in the group portrait, and also appears in a photograph reproduced on the front cover of the Proceedings of the Astronomical Society of Australia, v. 6, no. 1, 1985 (QB1.A37A33, v. 6).

Pecker, Charlotte Wimel

Pecker, Charlotte (Mme), née Wimel (1923). In France. Délégation générale à la recherche scientifique et technique. Répertoire des scientifiques français. t. 5. Physique. [Paris, La Documentation française] 1967. p. 194-195.
   Q145.F7, v. 5

Peters, Geraldine Joan

Peters, Geraldine Joan. In Who's who in science and engineering. 3d ed. 1996-1997. New Providence, NJ, Marquis Who's Who, 1996. p. 773.
   Q141.W576 1996/97

Pettit, Hannah Bard Steele

Nicholson, Seth B. Edison Pettit, 1889-1962. In Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Publications, v. 74, Dec. 1962: 495-498. port.
   QB1.A4, v. 74
   Includes information about Pettit's wife, Dr. Hannah Steele Pettit.
   A photograph of Hannah Steele and Edison Pettit, in their backyard observatory in Pasadena, is reproduced on the front cover of the Griffith Observer, v. 26, July 1962 (QB1.G7, v. 26).

Pilachowski, Catherine Anderson

Catherine A. Pilachowski. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 48, Dec. 1989: 7.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the position of AAS Publications Board Chair.

Catherine A. Pilachowski. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 83, Dec. 1996: 5-6.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the office of AAS councilor.

Catherine A. Pilachowski. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 103, Dec. 2000: 3.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the office of AAS president.

Catherine (Caty) A. Pilachowski. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 105, June 2001: 1. port.
   Briefly summarizes the career of the new AAS president-elect.

Pilachowski is AAS president-elect. Physics today, v. 54, May 2001: 77-78. col. port.

Pipher, Judith L.

Judith L. Pipher [receives Dudley Observatory's 1984-85 Ernest F. Fullam Award] Physics today, v. 38, June 1985: 92.
   QC1.P658, v. 38

Judith Pipher. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 63, Dec. 1992: 5.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the office of AAS councilor.

Pismis de Recillas, Marie Paris

Peimbert, Manuel. Semblanza: Paris Pishmish. Boletín de la Sociedad Mexicana de Física, v. 9, jul./sept. de 1995: 149-152. ports.
   Includes a box, "Mi encuentro con la musa," by Alejandro Ruelas (p. 150-151).
   Additional portraits of Dr. Pismis appear on both sides of the front cover of the issue.

Pismis de Recillas, Marie Paris. Reminiscences in the life of Paris Pi mi , a woman astronomer. In collaboration with Gabriel Cruz-Gonzalez. [México, D.F.] Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Astronomía, Instituto Nacional de Astroifísica, Óptica y Electrónica [1998] 103 p., [15] p. of illus. ports. (part col.)
   Includes as annexes four papers by Dr. Pismis.

Torres-Peimbart, Silvia. Paris Marie Pismis, 1911-1999. In American Astronomical Society. Bulletin, v. 31, no. 5, 1999: 1607-1608. port.

Porco, Carolyn C.

Niethammer, Carolyn J. Cassini scientist yielded to the seduction of space. New York times, v. 148, Aug. 17, 1999: F3. port.

Porco, Carolyn C. Interview. In Paschoff, Jay M. Journey through the universe. Fort Worth, Saunders College Pub., 1992. p. 160-163. col. ports.
   QB45.P293 1992

Potter, Beryl

Beryl Potter. Physics today, v. 39, Feb. 1986: 92.
   QC1.P658, v. 39

Prialnik-Kovetz, Dina

Dina Prialnik. In her An Introduction to the theory of stellar structure and evolution. [Cambridge, New York] Cambridge University Press [2000] p. i.
   QB808.P75 2000

Price, Jill S.

Eastwood, Kathleen D. Jill S. Price (1957-1996). Mercury, v. 26, July/Aug. 1997: 6.

Eastwood, Kathy D. Jill S. Price, 1957-1996. In American Astronomical Society. Bulletin, v. 28, no. 4, 1996: 1462-1463. port.


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