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Women in Astronomy: A Comprehensive Bibliography

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Underhill, Anne Barbara

Bailey, Martha J. Underhill, Anne Barbara. In her American women in science, 1950 to the present; a biographical dictionary. Santa Barbara, Calif., ABC-CLIO [1998] p. 399-400.
   Q141.B254 1998
   Bibliography: p. 400.

Congratulations to ... Anne B. Underhill. In Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Journal, v. 90, June 1996: 171.
   Includes a brief biographical sketch.

Nagy, Theresa A. Anne Barbara Underhill (1920- ). In Women in chemistry and physics; a biobibliographic sourcebook. Edited by Louise S. Grinstein, Rose K. Rose, and Miriam H. Rafailovich. Foreword by Lilli S. Hornig. Westport, Conn., Greenwood, 1993. p. 562-571.
   A bibliography of Underhill's scientific works appears on p. 566-571.
   QD21.W62 1993

Underhill, Anne Barbara, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. In Who's who of Canadian women. 7th ed. Toronto, Who's Who Publications, 1997. p. 1042-1043.
   CT3270.W46 1997

Underhill, Anne Barbara, M.A., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.C. In Canadian who's who. v. 34; 1999. Elizabeth Lumley, editor. Toronto, Buffalo, University of Toronto Press. p. 1276.
   F1033.C23, 1999

Updergraff, Alice Maxwell Lamb

Updergraff, Alice Maxwell Lamb (Mrs. Milton Updergraff). In Woman's who's who of America. A biographical dictionary of contemporary women of the United States and Canada. 1914-1915. John William Leonard, editor-in-chief. New York, American Commonwealth Co. [1914] p. 831.

Urry, Claudia Megan

C. Megan Urry. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 78, Dec. 1995: 5-6.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the AAS nominating committee.

C. Megan Urry. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 93, Dec. 1998: 7.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the U.S. National Committee for the IAU.

Meg Urry. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 103, Dec. 2000: 8.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the AAS nominating committee.

Meg Urry leaves STScI. Space Telescope Science Institute newsletter, v. 18, summer 2001: 1. port.

Megan Urry. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 68, Dec. 1993: 8.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the office of AAS councilor.

Olson, Steve. Meg Urry. Astronomy, v. 27, May 1999: 53. col. port.

Tenure for Meg Urry. Space Telescope Science Institute newsletter, v. 13, July 1996: 19. port.

Urry receives Cannon Award. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 51, Aug. 1991: 7.



Vaile, Roberta A.

Oliver, Carol. Dr Bobbie Vaile, June 25, 1959 - November 13, 1996. Sky & space, v. 10, Feb. 1997: 8-9. col. port.
   "...a talented university lecturer, an astrophysicist, a committed Christian, and a member of the Project Phoenix team looking for evidence of extraterrestrial civilisation using the world's fastest single-task computer and the Southern Hemisphere's largest radiotelescope, the 64-metre dish at Parkes in NSW."

Van Gorkom, Jacqueline H.

Jacqueline H. Van Gorkom. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 38, Dec. 1987: 5.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the office of AAS councilor.

Van 't Veer, Claude Menneret

Van 't Veer, Claude (Mme), née Menneret (1929). In France. Délégations générale à la recherche scientifique et technique. Répertoire des scientifiques français. t. 5. Physique. [Paris, La Documentation française] 1967. p 254.
   Q145.F7, v. 5
de Vaucouleurs, Antoinette Pietra

Antoinette de Vaucouleurs. In Conference "Le monde des galaxies," Paris, 1988. The world of galaxies. Proceedings of the Conference "Le monde des galaxies," held 12-14 April 1988 at the Institute d'astrophysique de Paris in honor of Gérard and Antoinette de Vaucouleurs on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Harold G. Corwin, Jr., Lucette Bottinelli, editors. New York, Springer-Verlag, 1989. p. ix-x.
   QB851.S94 1988
   A portrait of Gérard and Antoinette de Vaucouleurs is reproduced as the book's frontispiece.

Baize, Paul. Antoinette de Vaucouleurs (1921-1987). L'Astronomie, v. 101, nov. 1987: 566.

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   QC1.P658, v. 41

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Capaccioli, Massimo, and Giuseppe Longo. I due Vaucouleurs, due vite per l'astronomia. L'Astronomia, anno 18, dic. 1996: 14-21. illus., ports.
   "Un ricordo del grande Gérard, a un anno dalla scomparsa, e della moglie Antoinette, inseperabile compagna di tante avventure scientifiche."

Prix Janssen: Gérard et Antoinette de Vaucouleurs. L'Astronomie, v. 102, oct. 1988, suppl.: 14. port.

Robinson, Leif J. Antoinette de Vaucouleurs. Sky & telescope, v. 74, Dec. 1987: 598. port.
   QB1.S536, v. 74


Vinter Hansen, Julie Marie

Cedergreen Bech, Svend. Vinter Hansen, Julie Marie. In Dansk biografisk leksikon. 3. udg. Redaktor Sv. Cedergreen Bech. 15. bind. Treschow-Wold. Kobenhavn, Gyldendal, 1984. p. 614.
   CT1263.D33 1979, v. 15

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   QB1.N6, 1960

Julie Vinter Hansen. Sky and telescope, v. 20, Dec. 1960: 328.
   QB1.S536, v. 20

Rasmusen, Hans Q. Julie Marie Vinter Hansen. In Royal Astronomical Society. Quarterly journal, v. 2, Mar. 1961: 38-39.
   QB1.R732, v. 2

Rasmusen, Hans Q. Julie Vinter Hansen og komet Comas Solá. Nordisk astronomisk tidsskrift, no. 3, 1960: 83-85.
   QB1.N6, 1960

Schalén, Carl. Julie Vinter-Hansen. Populär astronomisk tidskrift, årg. 41, häfte 3/4, 1960: 171-172.
   QB1.P77, v. 41

Wright, William H. Appointment of Miss Julie Vinter Hansen as Martin Kellogg Fellow. In Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Publications, v. 52, Feb. 1940: 41-42.
   QB1.A4, v. 52

Vlaicu, Stefania

Andonie, George St. Stefanie Vlaicu. In his Istoria matematicilor aplicate clasice din România. (Mecanicâ si astronomie.) Bucuresti, Editura Academiei Republicii Socialiste România, 1971. p. 586-591. port.
   Includes a list of her publications.

Venn, Kimberley A.

Halvorsen, Jon. The difference is astronomical. New telescope and Observatory give students ‘experience-teaching tools.' Macalaster today, v. 87, Feb. 1999: 4-5. group port.
   Features Kim Venn, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Macalaster College.

NSF CAREER winners. Two AAS members win Presidential Awards. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 103, Dec. 2000: 15.
   Among the winners in both categories is Kimberley A. Venn.

Vodop'ianova, Tat'iana Veniaminovna

Eremeeva, Alina I. V dvo nom pleny...(o sud'be nauchnogo sotrudnika GAISh, opolchenki-med-sestry T. V. Vodop'ianovo ). In Astronomiia na krutykh povorotakh XX veka. [Redaktor-sostavitel': Eremeeva A. I.] Dubna, Feniks [1997] p. [82]-90. facsim., port.
   References (4): p. 90.

Voroshilova-Romankaia, Sof'ia Vasil'evna

Kostina, Lidiia D. K 100-letiiu so dnia rozhdeniia S. V. [Voroshilovo -] Romansko . In Istoriko-astronomicheskie issledovaniia. vyp. 20. Moskva, "Nauka," Glav. red. fiziko-matematichesko lit-ry, 1988. p. 323-335. port.
   QB33.R9I8, v. 20
   Includes a list of Voroshilova-Romanskaia's published writings (p. 334-335).

Kostina, Lidiia D. Sof'ia Vasil'evna Voroshilova-Romanskaia. Zemlia i vselennaia, iiul'/avg. 1972: 50-51. ports.
   QB1.Z47, 1972

Nicolaïdis, Efthymios. Sof'ya Vasil'evna Voroshilova-Romanskaya (1886-1969). In his Le developpment de l'astronomie en U.R.S.S., 1917-1935. [Paris? 1984?] p. 185.

S. V. Voroshilova-Romanskaia -- pervaia russkaia zhenshchina astronom-nabliudatel' (nekrolog). In Pulkovo. Glavnaia astronomicheskaia observatoriia. Izvestiia, no. 187, 1971: 3. port.
   The portrait appears on a plate preceding p. 3.
   QB4.P982, 1971

Voroshilova-Romanskaia, Sof'ia Vasil'evna. In Kolchiniski , Il'ia G., Alla A. Korsun', and Modest G. Rodriges. Astronomy; biograficheski spravochnik. Izd. 2, dop. i perer. Kiev, Naukova dumka, 1986. p. 68. port.
   QB35.K58 1986

Vyssotsky, Emma T. R.

Emma Williams Vyssotsky. Radcliffe quarterly, v. 61, Dec. 1975: 37.
   LH1.R2Q8, v. 61

Roberts, Rebecca L. Emma T. R. Williams Vyssotsky (1894-1975), astronomer. In Notable women in the physical sciences, a biographical dictionary. Edited by Benjamin F. Shearer and Barbara S. Shearer. Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 1997. p. 405-409. port.
   Q141.N734 1997
   Notes (7): p. 408. Bibliography: p. 408-409.



Walker, A.

A Lady at the Cambridge Observatory. Englishwoman's review, v. 14, Sept. 15, 1883: 417.
   HQ1101.E52, 1883
   Concerns a Miss A. Walker, "who has been chiefly occupied in the reduction of the zone observations, and already makes herself very useful as an observer."

Walker, Arville Dodge

Arville Walker. Radcliff quarterly, v. 47, Nov. 1983: 65.
   LH1.R2Q8, v. 47

Wang Chen-i

Liu, Naihe. More than a stargazer. In Departed but not forgotten. Beijing, Women of China; Distributed by China International Book Trading Corp., Beijin, 1984. p. 133-138. port. (Women of China special series)
   HQ1767.D47 1984

Meschel, Susan V. Wang Zhenyi (1768-1797). In her Teacher Keng's heritage; a survey of Chinese women scientists. Journal of chemical education, v. 69, Sept. 1992: 726-727. port.
   QD1.J93, v. 69

Ward, Mary King

Harry, Owen G. The Hon Mrs Ward (1827-1869): a wife, mother, microscopist and astronomer in Ireland, 1854-1869. In Science in Ireland, 1800-1930; tradition and reform. Proceedings of an international symposium held at Trinity College Dublin, March 1986. Edited by John R. Nudds, Norman D. McMillan, Denis L. Weaire, Susan M. P. McKenna Lawlor. Dublin [Trinity College Dublin] 1988. p. 187-197. illus., port.
   References (18): p. 197.

Harry, Owen G. The Hon. Mrs Ward (1827-1869): artists, naturalist, astronomer and Ireland's first lady of the microscope. Irish naturalists' journal, v. 21, Jan. 1984: 193-200. illus., port.
   QH1.I83, v. 21
   References (13): p. 200.

Harry, Owen G. Mary Ward, microscopist, astronomer, naturalist, artist. In Some people and places in Irish science and technology. Edited by Charles Mollen, William Davis and Brendan Finucane. [Dublin] Royal Irish Academy, 1985. p. 52-53. illus., port.
   Q127.I72S69 1985
   "Further reading": p. 53.

McKenna-Lawlor, Susan M. P. The Hon. Mrs Mary Ward (1827-1869), astronomer, microscopist, artist and entrepreneur. In her Whatever shines should be observed (quicquid nited notandum). Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Samton, 1998. (Samton historical studies, no. 3) p. 29-55. illus., ports. Bibliography: p. 54-55.
   QB35.M225 1998


Ware, Louise

Louise Ware. Vassar alumnae magazine, v. 38, May 1953: 26.
   LH1.V3A4, v. 38
   A brief obituary in the notes for the class of 1900.
   A short tribute appears in the ‘00 class notes in the June issue (p. 23).

Miss Louise Ware. In Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Publications, v. 65, Apr. 1953: 100.
   QB1.A4, v. 65
Rey-Watson, Joyce M.

Welther, Barbara L. Joyce Rey-Watson, 1922-2001. In American Astronomical Society. Bulletin, v. 33, no. 4, 2001: 1587-1588.

Webrová, Ludmila

Ludmila Webrová jubiluje. íše hv zd, ro . 63, ís. 3, 1982: 58-59.
   QB1.R45, v. 63

Wehlau, Amelia Fay W.

Wehlau, Amelia Fay, A.B., Ph.D. In Who's who of Canadian women. 5th ed., 1988. Edited by Kim G. Kofmel. Toronto, Trans-Canada Press, 1987. p. 490.

Weinberger, Alycia J.

AAUW Cannon Award to Alycia Weinberger. In American Astronomical Society. Newsletter, 100, June 2000: 10. port.

Weiss, Kay

Weiss, Kay. In Who's who in technology. 7th ed. Kimberley A. McGrath, editor. New York, Gale Research [1995] p. 1315.
   T39.W5 1995

Weistrop, Donna Etta

Donna Weistrop. In American Astronomical Society. AAS newsletter, 98, Dec. 1999: 14.
   Brief biography and statement in connection with her candidacy for the AAS Nominating Committee.

Weston, Louise B.

Louise B. Weston, astronomer. Washington post, Nov. 1, 1994: B7.

Whitehorne, Mary Lou

Chant Medal. In Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Journal, v. 87, Apr. 1993: 120-121.
   QB1.R485, v. 87
   The medal is "awarded, not more often than once a year, to an amateur astronomer resident in Canada for work carried out in astronomy and related fields."
   Includes text of the citation describing the accomplishments of the 1993 recipient, Mary Lou Whitehorne.

Whitelock, Patricia Ann

Venter, Albie van de. Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. In his Enquiring minds. [Pretoria] Briza [1999] p. 43-53. illus., port.
   Q141.V24 1999


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