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FRD’s research staff is client-focused and committed to producing clear, customized reports and analyses that creatively meet our clients’ organizational needs. We work in small, interdisciplinary teams to produce non-biased and impeccably researched products, including—but not limited to—literature reviews, meta-analyses, and data visualizations. All final written products undergo rigorous review from a professional editor.

Most researchers have MA, MS, or PhD degrees. They are trained in a variety of disciplines, including economics, public policy, and international affairs. Staff members are also adept at using a wide array of foreign-language sources for FRD’s clients. Prior to joining FRD, many researchers worked as consultants, analysts, or writers for other government agencies, think tanks, and private sector organizations.

The division’s senior leadership team comprises FRD’s chief and section heads. The team’s contact information is listed below.

Chief, Federal Research Division

Anna (Annie) Rorem
(o) 202-707-3920

Annie has built her career on translating research findings for effective, practical policy implementation. Her previous leadership positions include director of policy and research for the National Women’s Business Council and deputy director of research and analysis for the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service. She joined the FRD team in 2020.

Research Section Head

Alan Stone
(o) 202-707-8026

Alan brings some fifteen years of experience providing research and analysis support to government policymakers. As a researcher, project manager, and section head within FRD, he has assisted dozens of executive agencies and bureaus in a variety of subject-matter areas, including international security, emerging technologies, and policy and program evaluation.

Research Section Head

Marieke Brock
(o) 202-707-3004

Marieke has supported a variety of government agencies and bureaus during her tenure with FRD. She has been a part of the division for nearly twenty years, transitioning from researcher to project manager to section head. In her current position, Marieke oversees a team of researchers covering diverse topic areas, such as healthcare, housing, infrastructure, and ethnographic issues.

Research Section Head

Mark Knollmueller, EdD
(o) 202-707-9404

Mark has nearly 30 years of experience as an active-duty military officer and practitioner in matters of national security and international affairs. His research, practice, and academic background includes social and organizational science research, administrative investigations, higher education, national resource strategy, diplomacy and military affairs, and political science.

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