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Agencies interested in working with FRD are invited to contact the division directly via email ( or the below form to determine the best way to proceed, given their organizations’ and the Library’s preferred funding methods.

The general process for securing FRD’s support includes:

  • A briefing to discuss the nature of the work and the goals to be accomplished.
  • The preparation of a Statement of Work outlining the project’s requirements and custom-tailored deliverables, as well as a proposal and cost estimate detailing varying levels of complexity and expense.
  • Signed agreements and funding documents (e.g., Interagency Agreement Form 7600) from both the interested agency and FRD committing to the project and its associated costs.

As noted, FRD operates as a 100 percent cost-recovery unit and cannot, by law, make a profit. Only direct labor costs and indirect labor costs, such as special subscription fees and travel expenses, can be charged to clients.

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Note: The Library of Congress Legal Notices page explains how email is treated with regard to privacy.

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