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Service Federal Research Division

Our Federal Research

Since the division’s creation in March 1948, FRD staff have embodied the highest standards of qualitative and quantitative methodologies in their work. Research products have taken many forms:

  • Business Analyses
  • Data Analyses
  • Data Cleaning/Normalization
  • Data Collection
  • Data Visualization
  • Domestic Legal Analyses
  • Executive Order Alignments
  • Environmental Issue Briefs
  • International Legal Analyses
  • Literature Reviews
  • Organizational Histories
  • Open Source Assessments
  • Operations Research
  • Policy Review/Analyses
  • Research Quality Assessments
  • Social/Behavioral Analyses
  • State-by-State Analyses
  • Statistical Analyses
  • Survey Designs & Implementation
  • Systematic Reviews

To learn more about specific research products, please take a look at our case studies.