Case Studies

These case studies are illustrations of the types of research products FRD delivers to its clients. Each case study offers a brief summary of a specific client and its mission, a research request the client made of FRD, the reason the client chose FRD, the final product that was delivered, and its impact on the target audience. Each FRD report is unique and tailored specifically to the client, and can reflect a project completed over a matter of weeks, months, or years. Case studies showcase only a small sample of the types of products FRD can create.

  • Department of Homeland Security FRD supported the Department of Homeland Security’s Program Analysis and Evaluation Division (housed within the Office of the Chief Financial Officer) by preparing a set of three literature reviews. The literature reviews served as foundational research for the DHS FY 2022‐2026 Learning Agenda, and comprised three topics: migration factors at international borders, deterrence effect indicators, and partnership evaluation metrics.  
  • Digital Strategy Directorate FRD supported the Library’s Digital Strategy Directorate (housed within the Office of the Chief Information Officer) in an evaluation of its programmatic efforts to provide paid, short-term opportunities for innovative thinkers and practitioners to make use of Library collections in unique ways.
  • Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation FRD produces an annual report illustrating Defense Department procurement efforts and personnel distribution across all fifty U.S. states and the five principal territories.
  • Small Business Administration FRD provided the Small Business Administration with rapid insight and critical real-time information on the effect of COVID-19 on small business concerns.