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Digital Strategy Directorate

FRD supported the Library’s Digital Strategy Directorate (housed within the Office of the Chief Information Officer) in an evaluation of its programmatic efforts to provide paid, short-term opportunities for innovative thinkers and practitioners to make use of Library collections in unique ways.

The Client

OCIO’s Digital Strategy Directorate, which includes the Library of Congress Digital Innovation Labs (LC Labs) and the Connecting Communities Digital Initiative (CCDI) divisions, supports the digital transformation of the Library of Congress. DSD implements a range of paid, short-term opportunities for innovative thinkers and practitioners to make use of Library collections in unique ways, identifying potential avenues for public engagement and use.

The Ask

As DSD, including through LC Labs, continues to introduce new initiatives and opportunities, the office is interested in expanding the applicant pool and attracting potential participants from diverse backgrounds. In order to do so, the office required an understanding of its current applicant pool, as well as a broad overview of the practices in the grants, residencies, and competition space. This information is intended to ensure DSD is able to draw in a wide range of qualified applicants across its programs.

Why FRD?

FRD’s experience with both quantitative and qualitative methods allowed researchers to pursue multiple modes of evaluation and provide a comprehensive analysis. Researchers were able to assess available data and draw important conclusions about the current applicant pool, conduct interviews with several internal offices to gather information on standard Library practices related to short-term opportunities, and speak with several leading non-federal organizations to gather best practices.

The Product

The final report produced by FRD is currently being used for internal evaluation as DSD explores options for program development.

The Impact

The full report written by FRD provided DSD with critical information about its programs, common application processes and practices, and recommendations based on a range of analyses. This information will inform future program design, and provide context and data for DSD’s decisions moving forward. What’s more, FRD was able to act as a bridge between multiple organizations and DSD, connecting the DSD to potential domestic and international partners.

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