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What We Do

FRD works with each of its clients to create custom-tailored deliverables that meet the agency’s research and analytic needs. The studies produced take many forms and vary in scope, from historical perspectives and current snapshots, to future projections and comparisons across time, to analyses of data and survey results. The division holds itself to a high standard of objectivity and independence in the reported results of its research.

Each report FRD produces is unique, designed to match the client’s particular information requirements. Depending on the agency’s needs, FRD staff members:

  • Review the relevant literature in the field and the functional landscape to ensure the client agency’s operational plans align with and support its mission;
  • Study and synthesize primary and secondary sources to support the agency’s leaders with planning and decision-making;
  • Explore differing views and information regarding a certain topic to educate and inform the agency’s staff or other relevant stakeholders; or
  • Collect and organize reference material needed by the agency to increase its confidence in decisions regarding a particular issue.

Contact Us

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Federal Research Division
Library of Congress
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