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Note: ISO 639-2 is the alpha-3 code. Where two codes are provided (21 languages total), the bibliographic code is given first and the terminology code is given second. ISO 639-1 is the alpha-2 code. Multiple codes for the same language are to be considered synonyms.

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ISO 639-2 Language Code ISO 639-1 Language Code English name of Language French name of Language
ang English, Old (ca.450-1100) anglo-saxon (ca.450-1100)
asmasAssamese assamais
bas Basa basa
glagdGaelic; Scottish Gaelic gaélique; gaélique écossais
gsw Swiss German; Alemannic; Alsatian suisse alémanique; alémanique; alsacien
hauhaHausa haoussa
jpr Judeo-Persian judéo-persan
khi Khoisan languages khoïsan, langues
kho Khotanese; sakan khotanais; sakan
mak Makasar makassar
mas Masai massaï
may/msamsMalay malais
mdf Moksha moksa
nds Low German; Low saxon; German, Low; saxon, Low bas allemand; bas saxon; allemand, bas; saxon, bas
new Nepal Bhasa; Newari nepal bhasa; newari
nwc Classical Newari; Old Newari; Classical Nepal Bhasa newari classique
osa Osage osage
per/fasfaPersian persan
qaa-qtz Reserved for local use réservée à l'usage local
sad sandawe sandawe
sagsgsango sango
sah Yakut iakoute
sai South American Indian languages sud-amérindiennes, langues
sal salishan languages salishennes, langues
sam samaritan Aramaic samaritain
sansasanskrit sanskrit
sas sasak sasak
sat santali santal
sco Scots écossais
sma Southern sami sami du Sud
smeseNorthern sami sami du Nord
smi sami languages sames, langues
smj Lule sami sami de Lule
smn Inari sami sami d'Inari
smosmsamoan samoan
sms Skolt sami sami skolt
srdscsardinian sarde
ssa Nilo-saharan languages nilo-sahariennes, langues
tog Tonga (Nyasa) tonga (Nyasa)
xhoxhXhosa xhosa

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