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The METS schema is a standard for encoding descriptive, administrative, and structural metadata regarding objects within a digital library, expressed using the XML schema language of the World Wide Web Consortium. The standard is maintained in the Network Development and MARC Standards Office of the Library of Congress, and is being developed as an initiative of the Digital Library Federation.


New METS Profile Available: The Autonomous Administration of Galicia has registered a new METS profile for use by the Galiciana: Digital Archive of Galicia.
-- See Announcement

Latest METS Editorial Board Meeting Minutes: The minutes are now available from the 2015-12-03 Board meeting.
-- See Minutes

New METS Schema Revision Available: The METS Editorial Board has a new revision to the METS 1 XML Schema, bringing the revision number to 1.11
-- See Announcement

New METS Profile Available: The University of North Texas Libraries has registered a new METS profile for general digital objects.
-- See Announcement

New Monograph METS Profile: The Spanish Virtual Library of Bibliographical Heritage has registered a new profile aimed at the creation of a METS service to represent, preserve, and ingest digital objects that are archived and available to the public at the Virtual Library Heritage Bibligráfico of the Ministry of Education.

New Digital Object and Metadata METS Profile: The National Digital Library of the Czech Republic has registered a new METS profile for monographs, used for determination of rules of description for digitized documents (these are transferred to validation and archiving in the Long Term Preservation System). These records are supplied by external institutions with intention to store in the repository of National Digital Library of the Czech Republic.

New Version of Rosetta METS Profile: Ex Libris has registered a new version of their Rosetta METS Profile. This version supersedes the previous version. This profile describes a Rosetta Intellectual Entity (IE), stored in the permanent repository as an Archival Information Package (AIP).

METS Presentations Available: Documents from the "METS Now, and Then... Discussions of Current and Future Data Models" workshop at Digital Libraries 2014 are now available.
-- See Presentations

New METS/ALTO Viewer: The Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg has created a viewer for METS files with OCR files in the ALTO format. Its main use is for digitized newspapers and postcards but can be adapted to other METS profiles as well. It can be seen in action at:

New METS Schema Version 1.10 Available: This and all future METS revisions are being released under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain license. This revision adds the International Council of Museums’ LIDO (Lightweight Information Describing Objects) to the MDTYPE enumeration. LIDO supports descriptive information about all kinds of museum objects. In addition, the flexibility of the METS schema has been improved by allowing arbitrary, locally-defined attributes to be added to many of the METS elements.  Details can be found in the schema comments and will be outlined in forthcoming documentation.
-- See Announcement

Matterhorn METS Profile: The Matterhorn METS Profile, developed in cooperation with Docuteam and the Archives de l'Etat du Valais in Switzerland, is now registered.
-- See Announcement

Two New METS Tools Available: LIMB and YooLib have been added to the METS Tools page.
-- See METS Tools

New METS Presentation Available: An up to date overview presentation on METS has been added thanks to Karin Bredenberg of the Riksarkivet/Swedish National Archives. Check out this presentation and others on the METS Presentation page.
-- See METS Overview

New METS Community Blog: There's a new METS Community Blog where anyone can submit METS related articles, and where the latest news on METS will be posted.
-- See Announcement

Draft METS White Paper Now Available: The METS Editorial Board has released a draft METS White Paper, which is available for comment.
-- See Announcement

METS Profile Schema 2.0 Released: The METS Editorial Board has released a new major version of the METS Profile XML Schema.
-- See Announcement

Revised METS Primer Now Available: A revised version of the METS Primer and Reference Manual is now available from the METS Schema and Documentation page on the METS website. This version of the Primer corrects numerous errors discovered in the original version published in 2007.
-- See Announcement

METS Suggested Reading List: A brief list of helpful METS background readings has been compiled and is now available.
-- See List

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  August 18, 2017

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