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METS Candidate Version 1.8 Schema (April 9, 2009)

The candidate version 1.8 of the METS schema has now been mounted for community review on the METS website at:

Our target date for making this version the official current version of the METS schema is Monday April 27, pending any issues that may be raised during the two week review period.

A list of the changes included in this version of the schema follows:

  1. CRC32, Adler-32, and MNP have been added to the enumerated values constraining CHECKSUMTYPE to align with MIX messageDigestAlgorithm constraints.
  2. TEXTMD and METSRIGHTS have been added to the enumeration values constraining MDTYPE.
  3. An MDTYPEVERSION attribute has been added as a companion to the MDTYPE attribute in the mdRef and mdWrap elements.
  4. The ID and STRUCTID attributes on the <behavior> element have been made optional. Depending on whether the behavior applies to a transformFile element or div elements in the structMap, only one or the other of the attributes would pertain.
  5. All documentation has been aligned with the METS Primer, and corrected where indicated. (We have not yet, but will, also make all of these documentation corrections in the Primer itself).
  6. xml:lang="en" attribute value has been added to every <documentation> element.
  7. xlink:extendedLink support has been added to the <structLink> element by means of a new <smLinkGrp> element, and its child <smLocatorLink> and <smArcLink> elements.

Comments from the METS community are welcome.



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