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NetRef 'info:' URIs

about the 'info' identifier scheme

The NetRef protocol defines a number of object classes; objects are identified by URIs. Some NetRef identifiers are 'http:' URIs, others are 'info:' URIs. (There are various authorities assigning these URIs and there is no specific rule prescribing what URI scheme is to be used; the authority that defines a URI decides which scheme.) This page describes 'info:' URIs for NetRef.

Syntax of an NetRef 'info' URI

An NetRef 'info:' URI is of the form

"info:netref/<object type>/<authority>/<identifier>"


"info:netref/<object type>/<authority>/<identifier>/<schema>"


Object Types

<object type> is a string, from the first column in the following table (which may be extended):

Object-type String
metadata info:netref/metadata/1/question-id
constraint info:netref/constraint/1/xxxxx
diagnostic info:netref/diagnostic/1/xxxxx
schema info:netref/schema/1/xxxxx



<authority> is a string assigned by the SRW Maintenance Agency to an SRW ''info:' sub-authority. Currently the following are assigned:

Authority String Organization Representative
SRW Maintenance Agency Ray Denenberg
LAC Donna Dinberg


As noted above the info URI may include an optional schema (last component of the URI, and in general for URIs whose object type component is not 'schema'). Two info URIs with the same identifier component but different schema components are different URIs. Examples:


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