PREMIS (Preservation Metadata, Data Dictionary Maintenance Activity)
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PREMIS Editorial Committee Members

  • Karin Bredenberg, Chair (Sydarkivera)
  • Bertrand Caron (Bibliothéque nationale de France)
  • Angela Di Iorio (Sapienza Università di Roma)
  • Hanne Mari K. Hindklev (Norsk Helsenett SF)
  • Leslie Johnston (National Archives and Records Administration)
  • Michelle (Micky) Lindlar (TIB Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology)
  • Tracy Meehleib (Library of Congress)
  • Jack O'Sullivan (Preservica)
  • Terje Pettersen-Dahl (National Archives of Norway)
  • Sarah Romkey (Artefactual Systems)
  • Marjolein Steeman (The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision)
  • Eld Zierau (Royal Library of Denmark)

Mission Statement and Documentation

The PREMIS Editorial Committee maintains editorial control of PREMIS, the PREMIS XML Schema, and official PREMIS documentation. Additionally, the Committee promotes the use of the standard and endorses best practices in the use of PREMIS. Members represent important communities of interest for PREMIS in addition to its initial sponsor and maintenance agency, the Library of Congress.

PREMIS Documentation can be found here:

Questions about PREMIS can be directed to the PREMIS Implementors' Group (PIG) listserv or to the PREMIS Editorial Committee:

Membership Criteria

    Have significant experience with PREMIS implementation or PREMIS-related tool building either previously or currently

    Represent either currently or previously one or more of the following constituencies from the international digital community:

    • Libraries
    • Museums
    • Archives
    • Information services utilities
    • Governmental agencies or organizations
    • Vendors supporting digital library operations

    Members have demonstrated experience in one or more of the following areas:

    • XML or other information encoding languages
    • Digital repository implementations using PREMIS
    • Tool development and/or use for digital information creation, capture, storage and management
    • Ability to support telephone and web conferences calls, face to face meetings when feasible, in-person or online training events, and other Committee activities
    • Demonstrate ability and interest in developing and fostering the use of PREMIS within digital repositories and building a strong PREMIS community of implementors
    • Ability to commit to a 3-year term

    Expectations for PREMIS Committee Members:

    • Makes a serious commitment to meeting the Mission Statement of the PREMIS Editorial Committee
    • Participates actively in the work of the Committee to maintain and promote the PREMIS schema and its related documentation.
    • Regularly and actively participates in periodic telephone and web conference calls, as well as face to face meetings when feasible.
    • Prepares for meetings, stays informed about committee and work group activities, and reviews and comments upon meeting notes, committee and work group reports, and PREMIS communication media as appropriate including the PREMIS listserv, PREMIS wiki, and PREMIS blog.
    • Gets to know other Committee members and builds collegial relationships among Committee members that contribute to informed and congenial decisionmaking.
    • Exercises professional judgment about changes to the PREMIS and PREMIS related schemas, and the impacts of changes upon current implementations as known by personal experience or by input from other PREMIS implementors.
    • Participates in committee or work group activities, educational training events and other PREMIS promotional and fundraising activities.
    • Commits to a 3 year term of appointment with the possibility of renewal

    Filling Committee Vacancies

    Upon resignation of a Committee member, and acceptance of the resignation, the Committee Chair shall issue a call for applications from the PREMIS community to fill the vacancy.

    Included in the call shall be:

    • PREMIS Editorial Committee Statement
    • Committee Membership Criteria, Expectations, and Procedures
    • Timeline for Filling the Vacancy

    The call for filling the Committee vacancy shall be made to the PIG listserv and other means of communication as appropriate to reach the PREMIS community. Individual Board members may recruit potential candidates to apply for the position.

    Applications for membership to the Committee shall go initially to a designated Committee member who will forward them to the entire Committee.

    Applications should include a resume or curriculum vitae and a cover letter describing the applicant's interest in applying for the position.

    Process for review of applications:

    While all Committee members are invited to review all the applications, responsibility for coordinating and completing the evaluation process is given to the Chair. The Chair will determine the specific process depending upon the application pool. Interviews of potential Committee members may be conducted by telephone or in person. Some rating of candidates vis-a-vis the criteria should be made for full Committee review, and for documentation purposes.

    Recommendations for final candidates will be brought to the full Committee for consideration. Further discussion and decisions can be made via email or telephone conference call as well as face-to-face meetings.