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Strategic Framework


Engage, inspire, and inform Congress and the American people with a universal and enduring source of knowledge and creativity.


All Americans are connected to the Library of Congress.

Goals and Objectives

Expand Access

Make our unique collections, experts, and services available when, where, and how users need them.

  • Increase discoverability, availability, and accessibility
  • Build and enrich Library collections and content to serve Congress and America’s communities
  • Sustain access to knowledge and creativity
  • Engage visitors with inviting and inspiring digital and in-person spaces

Enhance Services

Create valuable experiences for every user to foster lifelong connections to the Library.

  • Understand and engage our communities
  • Enhance digital services to meet our communities’ needs
  • Provide trustworthy and authoritative data
  • Collaborate to amplify impact

Strengthen Capacity

Support our staff and strengthen our operations.

  • Support a flexible, diverse, and cohesive workforce
  • Develop staff capabilities with an emphasis on digital skills
  • Promote a safe, fair, inclusive, and collaborative environment
  • Optimize operations and systems for improved performance

Foster Innovation

Explore new approaches and emerging technologies to address challenges and spark creativity.

  • Invite curiosity and experimentation to meet evolving challenges
  • Innovate with imaginative approaches and emerging technologies
  • Leverage data to discover new paths and opportunities