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Strategy Framework


Engage, inspire, and inform Congress and the American people with a universal and enduring source of knowledge and creativity.


All Americans are connected to the Library of Congress.

Goals and Objectives

Expand Access

Make our unique collections, experts, and services available when, where, and how users need them.

  • Increase Discoverability and Availability
  • Use Connectors to Extend Reach
  • Expand Physical Presence

Enhance Services

Create valuable experiences for every user to foster lifelong connections to the Library.

  • Elevate Digital Experiences
  • Transform In-Person Experiences
  • Develop User-Centered Content

Optimize Resources

Modernize, strengthen, and streamline our operational capabilities.

  • Align Core Library Activities
  • Modernize Operations
  • Invest in Talent for the Future
  • Diversify and Expand Funding

Measure Impact

Use data to measure our impact on the world around us and share a powerful story.

  • Understand Our Users
  • Communicate Impact
  • Promote a Culture of Continuous Improvement

A Unified Role

  • Memory
  • Knowledge
  • Imagination

Direction Forward

  • User Centered
  • Digitally Enabled
  • Data Driven