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The Statue of Liberty

[Detail] Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, Manhattan, New York, NY

Procedure | Evaluation


You and your teacher established expectations for the project before you started your work. You and your team recorded your progress.  Your teacher may be using a rubric to evaluate your work. You understand the difference between excellent, good, and satisfactory work.

Complete a confidential team and self evaluation that describes how you contributed to your team’s effort and what you have learned.


You were challenged to investigate the American Dream, to see if it is the same for all Americans and whether it is real or just a myth. Did you find that it is simply a quest for a better life? What did you discover about how the Dream has changed over time? Do you now know why some see their dreams wither and die while others see their dreams fulfilled? What is your dream?

You've finished a group project. You've presented your ideas to your class. Has this experience influenced your view of the American Dream? How? Now that you have completed your project:

  • What questions do you still have about the American Dream?
  • What can the dreams of others teach you?
  • Who are the dreamers of today?
  • Were the dreams of yesteryear like your own dreams? In what ways?
  • What IS the American Dream? Can it be simply stated?
  • How will YOUR personal dream become a part of America's (and the world's) future?