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Lewis and Clark on the Columbian River

[Detail] Lewis and Clark on the Columbian River

Multimedia resources from the Library of Congress that support instruction about the Lewis and Clark Expedition. These resources include expert presentations, exhibitions, bibliographies, Webcasts, and other online materials.

AmericanTreasures: Lewis and Clark (Exhibition) Examine maps and manuscripts documenting the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Fill Up the Canvas...Rivers of Words: Exploring with Lewis and Clark (Online Activity) Experience Lewis and Clark's journey westward through words, images, maps and other documents.

Lewis and Clark – Meeting of the Frontiers Gallery (International) View Lewis and Clark photos and documents in the Exploration of the American West gallery.

Louisiana Purchase Legislative Timeline 1802-1807 (Presentation) This timeline examines the role of Congress in the Louisiana Purchase from 1802 to 1807, including ratification of the treaty, establishment of a territorial government, confrontation with Spain over boundary issues, and

Rivers, Edens, Empires (Exhibition) This online exhibition and virtual tour feature Lewis and Clark maps and other resources documenting westward exploration.

Thomas Jefferson Timeline: The Early Republic 1800-1809 (Presentation) Explore Thomas Jefferson’s timeline during the Lewis and Clark Expedition years.

Thomas Jefferson: The West (Exhibition) Learn about Thomas Jefferson's life-long commitment to supporting western exploration.