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Lewis and Clark on the Columbian River

[Detail] Lewis and Clark on the Columbian River

Online activities and background information from the Library of Congress to help students learn more about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Explore the States: North Dakota (America's Library) Sacagawea joined the Lewis and Clark expedition in North Dakota.

Go West, Young Men (Wise Guide) Link to Library of Congress Lewis and Clark resources.

Jump Back in Time: August 18, 1774 (America's Library) Meriwether Lewis was born on this date.

Jump Back in Time: October 20, 1803 (America's Library) Senate ratified the Louisiana Purchase Treaty on October 20, 1803.

Map of Explorers Trails – Meeting of Frontiers (International) View a map showing Lewis and Clark, Fremont, Long and Pikes westward exploration routes from 1804 - 1860.

Meet Amazing Americans: Meriwether Lewis and William Clark (America's Library) Read stories about these famous American explorers.

Today in History (August 18, 1774) Meriwether Lewis (Today in History)Learn about Meriwether Lewis and his role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Today in History (October 20) Westward Ho! (Today in History) Learn about the Louisiana Purchase.