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Use these lesson plans, created by teachers for teachers, to explore science and invention.

  • Around the World in 1896 (Grades 6-8) Students role-play the experiences of members of the World's Transportation Commission on their travels in 1896. The teacher resource section - Brief History of Photography - outlines photo development from the 1600's through the 1900's.
  • Primary Sources and Personal Artifacts (Grades 3-8) Students act as historians, analyzing different artifacts. The fourth grade student activity - Linking Rare Finds - focuses on the Nashua River from an environmental perspective.
  • The Conservation Movement at a Crossroads: The Hetch Hetchy Controversy (Grades 9-12) Two separate lessons for students to investigate and debate the controversies inherent in conservation programs. The Hetch Hetchy dam project serves as an example for students to debate the controversies inherent in conservation programs.
  • Explorations in American Environmental History (Grades 6-12) Students are introduced to historical perspectives of nature and the environment.
  • Natural Disasters: Nature's Fury (Grades 6-12) Students examine accounts by Americans from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries of their life changing experiences with nature.
  • Thomas Edison, Electricity, and America (Grades 6-12) Students investigate electrification as both a technological and social process.