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Seminar for Primary Sources in Science Education

We are pleased to announce the inaugural Library of Congress Seminar for Primary Sources in Science Education, a week-long professional development opportunity for K-12 educators who teach science or collaborate with science teachers. Selected educators will spend a week in Washington, DC, immersed in the institution that holds the papers of the Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, Carl Sagan, Benjamin Franklin, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Marie Curie, and many more. Educators who have previously attended a Summer Institute are eligible to attend.

Program Goals

The program goals are threefold:
First, to familiarize participants with the science-related treasures of the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States; second, to build participants’ capacity to teach effectively with primary sources; third, to draw on the expertise of participants, along with education leaders in the Library and other science education organizations to explore and identify the benefits of using primary sources in the science classroom.

Together, the seminar participants and leaders will enrich the Library’s strategic efforts to grow and scale its reach to meet the needs of this audience and this curricular area.

The program will include model classroom activities, as well as opportunities to conduct original research, to learn from peers, and to work side by side with Library curators, experts and education specialists. By the end of the week, each participant will have drafted a primary-source based learning activity to engage students, build critical thinking skills, and construct knowledge in the sciences.

Seminar activities will include:

  • participation in model classroom activities for primary source analysis; a chance to reflect and discuss applications;
  • time to explore the Library’s collections, with curators and experts, to learn about the resources available and how to access them;
  • development of Library of Congress primary source-based activities for science which participants will implement in their school settings in 2014-15;
  • opportunities to work in pairs and small groups with peers and Library of Congress education specialists to refine ideas for the classroom;
  • sessions to generate recommendations and next steps to inform the Library’s outreach to and programs for science educators.

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Review the complete Before you Apply: Application and Participation Guidelines

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