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'Red Hot Salsa!'

As part of the Library's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15) editor and translator Lori Marie Carlson discussed her new book, "Red Hot Salsa: Bilingual Poems on Being Young and Latino in the United States." Luis Alberto Ambroggio and Claudia Quiroz Cahill, two of the poets who contributed to "Red Hot Salsa" (Henry Holt, 2005), also read their poems during the event.

Corola Goya : In Her Colorful and Alluring Recitals of Spanish Dances Christopher Columbus' Coat of Arms, 1940

In his introduction to the book, award-winning author Oscar Hijuelos describes the contributions of the writers in the volume: "Their intense feelings about survival and 'becoming' are palpable on the page. And the Spanish-English versions of their poetry are equally beautiful, stirring, and worthy of our humanity." You can watch the event at the Library's site of Webcasts.

The Library's collections are very rich in materials from the Hispanic world. Established in 1939, the Hispanic Division is the Library's center for the study of the cultures and societies of Latin America, the Caribbean, the Iberian Peninsula and U.S. Latinos, as well as other areas where Spanish and Portuguese influences have been significant.

A. "Corola Goya : In Her Colorful and Alluring Recitals of Spanish Dances," [19--?]. University of Iowa Libraries, Special Collections Department. Reproduction information: See this link.

B. Christopher Columbus' Coat of Arms, 1940. South wall, Hispanic Division Reading Room, Thomas Jefferson Building. Reproduction information: Not available for reproduction. More information about the mural, painted on stainless steel, is available at: //