Attribute Architecture Issues

For Discussion at the June ZIG Meeting

Updated May 20, 1998
  1. What is the purpose of the new architecture? Is there a business case for this activity? Will the new architecture be implemented by Z39.50 developers? Will the new attribute sets be supported by Z39.50 implementers? What possibilities does the new attribute architecture open up, and what constraints does it impose?
  2. What specific attribute sets would be immediately useful?
  3. What degree of modularity should be assumed in the development of attribute sets? What is the interrelationship among attribute sets?
  4. How is the universe of attribute sets to be partitioned: e.g.
  5. What is the role of Dublin Core? Will it be superceded by the cross-domain set, and if not, is Dublin Core intended for cross-domain searching; and if not, what is it intended for?
  6. Are there requirements for backwards compatibility with version 2 (one attribute set per query)? Should the architecture allow for a virtual single attribute set?
  7. Should support for Explain be an assumption in attribute set development?
  8. Specific architectural questions:
  9. Domain-Specific attribute sets:
  10. Bibliographic domain:
  11. Administrative and political considerations: