Case-sensitivity of Element-Set Names

Issue raised by: Mike Taylor [email protected] Thu, 25 Sep 1997 15:13:55 +0100

Are element set names case sensitive?

No, element set names are case in-sensitive.

We resolved the case-sensitivity question for database names and result set names. See Case Sensitivity of Result Set and Database Names .

Database names are not case sensitive, and result set names are. The reasoning is that database names are passed around outside of the protocol, often by humans, and transcend Z-associations. Result set names are referred to only by the origin, within an association, and the origin should be capable of using a given result set name consistently within an association.

Unfortunately that clarification neglected to address element set names.

Element set names too are often passed around outside of the protocol, for example, in profiles. Element set names are more similar to database names than to result set names, in this respect.

Therefore, element set names are deemed to be case in- sensitive.

Status: Approved 1/98.
Library of Congress