Multiple Search Term Format, MultipleSearchTerms-1

The definition below is provided for use within Term (within Z39-50-APDU-1995) when the CHOICE is 'external'. Normally (without the use of an external definition) a search term takes the form of one of the eight types listed in the ASN.1, and only a single instance. This definition, in its full generality, allows a term to represent an arbitrary number of Terms where each may assume one of these eight types (or EXTERNAL, and the definition may be applied recursively). As a simple example, this definition allows a term to represent a pair of integers.

{Z39-50-userInfoFormat MultipleSearchTerms-1 (4)} DEFINITIONS ::=
IMPORTS Term FROM Z39-50-APDU-1995;

MultipleSearchTerms-1 ::= SEQUENCE OF Term


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