Multiple Search Term Format, MultipleSearchTerms-2

This is similar to MultipleSearchTerms-1 except that along with each each occurrence of Term (within SEQUENCE OF Term) an optional boolean flag is provided. Any profile or implementor agreement that specifies the use of MultipleSearchTerms-2 may specify the usage of this flag. For example, for linear range searching, the flag is used to indicate whether the endpoint (represented by the term) is open or closed.

{Z39-50-userInfoFormat MultipleSearchTerms-2 (5)} DEFINITIONS ::=
IMPORTS Term FROM Z39-50-APDU-1995;

MultipleSearchTerms-2 ::= SEQUENCE OF SEQUENCE{
                             term  [1]   Term,
                             flag  [2]   IMPLICIT BOOLEAN OPTIONAL}


Library of Congress
(10/17/97) Revised to correct syntax errors April 26, 2004