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Appendix 11 (VAR): Variant Sets

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Appendix 11 VAR: Variant Sets (Normative)

This standard defines and registers the variant set variant-1, and assigns it the following object identifier:

variant-1 {Z39-50-variantSet 1}

This definition describes the classes, types, and values, for the variant set Variant-1, that may occur in a variant specification. A variant specification is a sequence of triples; each triple is a variant specifier

(as referenced by the identifier variantSpecifier in GRS-1 and ES-1). The first component of the triple is a "Class" (integer), the second is a "Type" (integer) defined within that class, and the third is a "Value" defined for that type (its datatype depends on the type).

[For Variant Set definition, variant-1, see /z3950/agency/defns/variant1.html]

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