Procedures for an Internationally Registered Profile (IRP) -- Development/Submission, Review, Approval, and Revision

An Internationally Registered Profile , or IRP, is a profile that has been reviewed for technical conformance by the standards group responsible for the application protocol(s) to which the profile pertains. The profile identifies a standard or group of standards, together with options and parameters necessary to accomplish a function or set of functions. The protocols to which this procedure may be applied are ISO 23950 (Z39.50 Information Retrieval Protocol) and ISO 10160/10161- 1 (Interlibrary Loan).

To be considered for registration, the profile must have been developed by a recognized group of users and have potentially wide use and applicability.

Submission, Review, and Approval

The procedure for development/submission, review, and registration of an Internationally Registered Profile (IRP) is detailed below. All reviews and approval processes will be carried out electronically and the final registered IRP will be available electronically.

The following guidelines regarding the development process, preceding the submission of the Draft IRP (DIRP) to TC 46/SC4, shall be followed:

The DIRP will be reviewed and registered in TC46/SC4 according to the following schedule.


The steps for revision of an IRP are the same as those for the preparation of a new IRP. Periodically the Maintenance Agency will check with the originating group concerning the use and need for the IRP. If the originating group no longer exists as such, a group of users will be designated to assume editorial maintenance. If there are no users to assume maintenance, the IRP will be deleted from the register after a reasonable length of time.
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