NIST Z39.50 Implementation papers

NIST, in collaboration with the Z39.50 Maintenance Agency, has coordinated the development of a set of Z39.50 implementation papers. These papers have been published as a NIST publication, and are also available below.

Z39.50 for Full Text Search and Retrieval
Margaret St. Pierre, Blue Angel Technologies

Basic Z39.50 Server Concepts and Creation
John Kunze, University of California at Berkeley (and) U.S. National Library of Medicine

Creating a Z39.50 Client
Ralph LeVan, OCLC

Implementing Explain
Denis Lynch, TRW Business Intelligence Systems

Implementing Z39.50 in a Multi-national and Multi-lingual environment
Makx Dekkers, Pica

Use of Z39.50 for Search and Retrieval of Scientific and Technical Information
Les Wibberley, Chemical Abstracts Services

Structural Components of the Isite Information System
Kevin Gamiel and Nassib Nassar, CNIDR

Z39.50: Implications and Implementation at the AT&T Library
Bob Waldstein, AT&T Bell Laboratories

The Implementation of Z39.50 in the National Library of Canada's AMICUS System
Joe Zeeman, SoftwareKinetics Ltd

Developing a Multi-platform Z39.50 Service
Mark Hinnebusch and Terry Sullivan, Florida Center for Library Automation

Use of Z39.50 in the Implementation of LEXIS-NEXIS Current Awareness Products
Peter Ryall, NEXIS-LEXIS

NIST and the Z39.50 Maintenance Agency wish to thank the above listed authors for contributing papers to this set, and to the editors, who were:

  • Paul Over, NIST
  • Lennie Stovel, RLG
  • Bill Moen, Syracuse University
  • Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress

Z39.50 Maintenance Agency
Network Development & MARC Standards Office
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