July 2000 ZIG Meeting

Registration List

Below is a list of registrants for the July 2000 ZIG meeting in Leuven.
Updated: July 17, 2000

  1. Hervi GILSON, Universiti Libre de Bruxelles; Belgium; [email protected]
  2. Rubina Sveta, ; Russia; [email protected]
  3. Luc Douwen, COI; Belgium; [email protected]
  4. Thomas Place, Tilburg University Library; the Netherlands; [email protected]
  5. Brendan McKittrick, Columba Global Systems; Ireland/Canada; [email protected]
  6. Clement Jacqueline, Universite libre de Bruxelles; Belgium; [email protected]
  7. Sebastian Hammer, Index Data; Denmark; [email protected]
  8. Vera De Wilde, COI; Belgium; [email protected]
  9. Ronald van der Meer, ADLIB Information Systems; The Netherlands; [email protected]
  10. Bert Degenhart Drenth, ADLIB Information Systems; The Netherlands; [email protected]
  11. Sonya Finnigan, ADLIB Information Systems; The Netherlands; [email protected]
  12. Paul Brioen, KBR; Belgium; [email protected]
  13. Charles-Henri Nyns, Universiti catholique de Louvain; Belgium; [email protected]
  14. PAUWELS Benoit, Universiti Libre de Bruxelles; BELGIUM; [email protected]
  15. Liz Finlayson, epixtech; UK; [email protected]
  16. Anton Mill, PryPilgrim; Russian; [email protected]
  17. Paul Mouland, ELiAS; Belgium; [email protected]
  18. Olga Kallistratova, Library for Natural Sciences of RAS; Russia; [email protected]
  19. GOOSSENS, Paula, KBR (Royal Library); Belgium; [email protected]
  20. Pat Stevens, OCLC; USA; [email protected]
  21. Joseph O'Kelly, Columba Global Systems; Ireland/Canada; [email protected]
  22. vanneste koen, ivs n.v.; Belgium; [email protected]
  23. goossens carl, ivs n.v.; Belgium; [email protected]
  24. Poul Henrik Jørgensen, Danish Bibliographic Centre; Denmark; [email protected]
  25. Melissa G, University of Pittsburgh; USA; [email protected]
  26. Kevin Gladwell, British Library; UK; [email protected]
  27. Bill Oldroyd, The British Library; United Kingdom; [email protected]
  28. Matthew Dovey, Oxford University Libraries Automation Service; UK; [email protected]
  29. Ole Husby, BIBSYS; Norway; [email protected]
  30. William E. Moen, University of North Texas/Z Texas Profile/Bath Profile; USA; [email protected]
  31. Glenn Evans, SilverPlatter Information; UK; [email protected]
  32. John Lowery, British Library; United Kingdom; [email protected]
  33. Francisco Queiros Pinto, University of Kent at Canterbury; United Kingdom; [email protected]
  34. Paul Huf, Gaylord Information Systems; USA; [email protected]
  35. Slavko Manojlovich, SIRSI Corporation / Memorial University Of Newfoundland; Canada; [email protected]
  36. Pieter van Lierop, Geac; France; [email protected]
  37. Barbara Shuh, National Library of Canada; Canada; [email protected]
  38. Joe Zeeman, Columba Global Systems; Canada/Ireland; [email protected]
  39. Mark H Needleman, Data Research Associates; USA; [email protected]
  40. Rondon Andrade, IOOP ; Brazil; [email protected]
  41. Jo Rademakers; KULeuven/LIBIS-Net; Belgium; [email protected]
  42. Ray Denenberg; Library of Congress; USA; [email protected]

Library of Congress