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The software for this WWW/Z39.50 gateway is being upgraded from the CNIDR ISITE Web-Z39.50 Gateway version 1.02 to version 1.08. This more recent version of the CNIDR software maintains a connection for several minutes (of inactivity) with the target.

In terms of operation, it is important to note that the connection is initialized BEFORE the search form is displayed to the gateway user. Therefore, the link to the search form must "carry" four pieces of information: 1) action to be taken by the Web server, 2) the address of the search form, 3) the Internet address of the Z39.50 server, and 4) the port number of the Z39.50 server at the given address.

This information MUST be passed to our Web Server before the connection can be established. Therefore, the user must either

1) Begin all searches from the Z39.50 Gateway page,


2) Create a link to an LC search form from another Web server, but format the link like the following one to the Advanced Search Form


3) If you have difficulties with the version 1.08 search form (#2 above), you may prefer to use the Advanced Search Form (Previous Version) that makes use of version 1.02 of the CNIDR gateway software. This option initiates a stateless connection.

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