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The Research Libraries Group (RLG) has changed the way it supports developers of Z39.50 clients. Effective February 24, 1996, clients that access the RLG Z39.50 server (Zephyr) and do not supply an RLG-provided account and password will be able to search a sample database of approximately 10,000 records. The name of the database is SAM; it can also be identified by the alias XXDEFAULT. Some searches and the corresponding result set sizes in this database are shown below.

RLG wants to continue to encourage Z39.50 client development. To that end, developers who want to use RLG's production database may do so by prearrangement with RLG. RLG will provide complementary accounts for such purposes as proving the effectiveness of a client's searching of large databases and demonstrating connectivity at conventions and exhibits. To request developer access to the BIB and authority databases, please contact either Lennie Stovel ([email protected], (415) 691-2259) or Wayne Davison ([email protected], (415) 691-2249).

To try RLG's databases with clients whose use with Zephyr has already been established, RLG offers free one-month trial accounts. Contact a sales associate at [email protected] for more information.

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Sample searches of the SAM database:

Subject (phrase) search: computer crimes (222 hits) Title (word) search: opal (385 hits) Author and title search: Personal name (phrase): nabokov, vladimir Title (word list): pale fire (13 hits) Record with EACC characters (Japanese): LCCN: 92109506 (1 hit) Record with Cyrillic characters: LCCN 7816869 (1 hit) Single-result search: Title: adventures of humphrey bear

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