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The software for this WWW/Z39.50 gateway has been upgraded from the CNIDR ISITE Web-Z39.50 Gateway version 1.02 to version 1.08. This more recent version of the CNIDR software maintains a Z39.50 connection for four minutes (of inactivity) with the target. If the session times out (after four minutes of inactivity), a "reinitialize" message will be displayed to the user. Clicking on "reinitialize" will reestablish the Z39.50 connection and retrieve a new copy of the search form.

In terms of operation, it is important to note that the connection is initialized BEFORE the search form is displayed to the user. The link to the search form must "carry" four pieces of information: 1) action to be taken by the LC Web server, 2) the address of the search form, 3) the Internet address of the Z39.50 server, and 4) the port number of the Z39.50 server at the given address.

This information MUST be passed to the LC Web Server before the connection can be established. Therefore, if the user bookmarks the search form, the necessary information will not be passed to the LC server. The bookmark should instead be made to the NUCMC Home Page.

In order to establish a connection with the RLIN server and initiate a search from this reference page, select one of the following search forms:

RLG Union Catalog - AMC File Advanced Search Form
RLG Union Catalog - AMC File Easy Search Form (word list)
RLG Union Catalog - AMC File Easy Search Form (left-anchored phrase)

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