Exemplifying the enhanced information that can be provided by links added in the BEAT Web Access to Additional Web Access to Publications in Series initiative, displayed here are some samples of links that provide abstracts or other descriptions of the materials contained in the volumes in the various series referenced.

When a title that has been identified by the project is encountered from a search in the Library's online catalog, a hot link in the catalog record's screen display will take the researcher to the site on the web where the abstract (or in other cases, full text) is available. Since that search takes the researcher out of the Library's catalog and Web site, the researcher must navigate back (usually with the browser's back button) to the Library's pages again in order to continue to search within the Library environment.

After searching in the Library's online catalog, a researcher might encounter the following catalog record, an example to a link to the World Bank's Policy research working papers

Online Catalog Catalog Record Display

One of the data fields displayed in the catalog record is "Links," and if the link to the Web address shown in that field is folllowed, the user will be taken to the holding institution's page where, in this example, an abstract is provided.

World Wide Web display of linked item information

In addition, the other institution (in this case, the World Bank) offers its own search capabilities and thus provides additional opportunities for further exploration.

In another example,

Online Catalog Catalog Record Display

The online catalog shows a result with a links option, and following the link brings the researcher to an abstract of the volume in this series as well as to the other options provided by the institution that has made the item available. Of particular note is the option to see the whole text of the item as well as the provision of additional links to authors, searching, or other related data.

World Wide Web display of linked item information


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