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"Classification Web is easy for copy and original catalogers to use. I think it would prompt more consistent assignment of subjects and class numbers. Its speed and correlations speed up the decision-making process."
- Shelby E. Harken, University of North Dakota

"It's wonderful! I can assign call numbers so much faster using this tool and I can use the standard Web browser I already have."
- Heather Hernandez, San Francisco Martime National Historic Park Library

"The cataloging and classification I've used is very good. I especially appreciate the product's using LCSH as indexing terms. Finding correct numbers is easier and faster than in the printed product."
- Sue Kamm, Inglewood Public Library, Inglewood, CA

"Best feature: ability to search all schedules at once. Correlation of subject headings and classification is fabulous."
- Gay Zimmerman, Lamson Library, Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH

"I especially like the subject headings/classification numbers correlation feature. It's extremely helpful."
- Cathy Zisk, Dallas Museum of Art, Mayer Library, Dallas, TX

"What a wonderful product! I thoroughly enjoy using it. So nice to have something right at the desktop. I don't feel nearly as confident using the printed schedules that are available to me as I do using your product."
- Darra Combs, Special Libraries Association member, Aiken, SC

"Subject correlation feature is superb."
- Lorraine Hirning, Athabasca University Library, Athabasca, Alberta, Canada

"The speed of access to changes in subject headings and classification is a valuable feature. It is also important for us that it is accessible to multiple users at one time."
- Heather Fraser, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Subject correlation is a fantastically useful tool for cataloging. The table calculator is also very helpful."
- Joyce Bell, Princeton University Library, Princeton, NJ

"I like the idea of having all of the up-to-date schedules available together."
- Liz Hughes, University College of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada