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Encoded Archival Standards Electronic List

General Information

The EAD (originally Encoded Archival Description, and now Encoded Archival Standards) Electronic List is an open unmoderated electronic mail posting service created to facilitate the exchange of information about XML (Extensible Markup Language) DTD (Document Type Definition) and schemas for archival finding aids. Please note that the Encoded Archival Standards list retains its former "EAD" name, to keep the list archive and newer postings in one place, and allowing conversations on other encoded archival standards. Developers and implementers of EAD, EAC-CPF and other related standards are welcome to join the list and share their ideas and experiences with using XML for finding aids. XML is based on document structure and an encoding syntax defined in ISO 8879, the international standard for encoding electronic documents. XML was selected as the basis for creating encoded (electronic) finding aids since it represents a key component in electronic documentation worldwide, particularly via the Internet. As a non-proprietary standard, ISO 8879 and the EAD implementation of it, should allow different producers of archival finding aids to share in electronic form documentation and information about the collections they describe.

The EAD list is operated by the U.S. Library of Congress, Network Development and MARC Standards Office, which has agreed to serve as the maintenance agency for the EAD DTD and schemas. This electronic list makes use of UNIX software available 24 hours a day at the Library of Congress. This software is used for other electronic lists as well including MARC, the general electronic list for the MARC Advisory Group. An EAS list message archive is available at: https://listserv.loc.gov/cgi-bin/wa?A0=EAD

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An archive of messages posted to the EAD list is available on a Web server maintained by the Library of Congress. The URL for the message archive is:


The archive provides sorting of the messages by posting date, author, and subject. These sort keys are controled by the date, author, and subject information provided by the creator of the message, so this information is not always useful. Messages are grouped by the month during which they were posted. Replies to specific postings are grouped beneath the entry for the original message when the subject lines match.


EAD is an unmoderated list. All messages sent to the Internet address "[email protected]" by approved subscribers are automatically posted to all other list subscribers. EAD is not an open list. Subscriptions are limited to developers and implementers and thus pass through an approval process before becoming active. To prevent the broadcast of viruses, attachments in emails sent to the list are automatically removed.

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Technical Support

Support services and information about the list are provided by the Network Development and MARC Standards Office. Subscription requests and other messages controling the receipt of list postings should be sent to "[email protected]". Messages relevant to the Encoded Archival Description, EAC-CPF, and other encoded archival standards DTD and schemas are welcome. Other electronic lists and discussion groups are available via the Internet for topics related to other library, technical services, and automation issues.


Please contact the following Network Development & MARC Standards Office staff if you have technical problems with your subscription.

Contact: [email protected] (Glenn Gardner - +1-202-707-7414)