EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0

Tag Library: EAD Elements by Tag Name

<abbr> Abbreviation

<abstract> Abstract

<accessrestrict> Restrictions on Access

<accruals> Accruals

<acqinfo> Acquisition Information

<add> Adjunct Descriptive Data

<address> Address

<addressline> Address Line

<admininfo> Administrative Information

<altformavail> Alternative Form Available

<appraisal> Appraisal Information

<archdesc> Archival Description

<archdescgrp> Archival Description Group

<archref> Archival Reference

<arrangement> Arrangement

<author> Author

<bibliography> Bibliography

<bibref> Bibliographic Reference

<bibseries> Bibliographic Series

<bioghist> Biography or History

<blockquote> Block Quote

<c> Component (Unnumbered)

<c01> Component (First Level)

<c02> Component (Second Level)

<c03>Component (Third Level)

<c04> Component (Fourth Level)

<c05> Component (Fifth Level)

<c06> Component (Sixth Level)

<c07>Component (Seventh Level)

<c08>Component (Eighth Level)

<c09>Component (Ninth Level)

<c10>Component (Tenth Level)

<c11> Component (Eleventh Level)

<c12>Component (Twelfth Level)

<change> Change

<chronitem> Chronology List Item

<chronlist> Chronology List

<colspec> Table Column Specification

<container> Container

<controlaccess> Controlled Access Headings

<corpname> Corporate Name

<creation> Creation

<custodhist> Custodial History

<dao> Digital Archival Object

<daodesc> Digital Archival Object Description

<daogrp> Digital Archival Object Group

<daoloc> Digital Archival Object Location

<date> Date

<defitem> Definition List Item

<dentry> Display Entry

<did> Descriptive Identification

<dimensions> Dimensions

<div> Text Division

<drow> Display Row

<dsc> Description of Subordinate Components

<dscgrp> Description of Subordinate Components Group

<ead> Encoded Archival Description

<eadgrp> EAD Group

<eadheader> EAD Header

<eadid> EAD Identifier

<edition> Edition

<editionstmt> Edition Statement

<emph> Emphasis

<entry> Table Entry


<eventgrp> Event Group

<expan> Expansion

<extent> Extent

<extptr> Extended Pointer

<extptrloc> Extended Pointer Location

<extref> Extended Reference

<extrefloc> Extended Reference Location

<famname> Family Name

<filedesc> File Description

<fileplan> File Plan

<frontmatter> Front Matter

<function> Function

<genreform> Genre/Physical Characteristic

<geogname> Geographic Name

<head> Heading

<head01> First Heading

<head02> Second Heading

<imprint> Imprint

<index> Index

<indexentry> Index Entry

<item> Item

<label> Label

<language> Language

<langusage> Language Usage

<lb> Line Break

<linkgrp> Linking Group


<listhead> List Heading

<name> Name

<namegrp> Name Group

<note> Note

<notestmt> Note Statement

<num> Number

<occupation> Occupation

<odd> Other Descriptive Data

<organization> Organization

<origination> Origination

<otherfindaid> Other Finding Aid

<p> Paragraph

<persname> Personal Name

<physdesc> Physical Description

<physfacet> Physical Facet

<physloc> Physical Location

<prefercite> Preferred Citation

<processinfo> Processing Information

<profiledesc> Profile Description

<ptr> Pointer

<ptrgrp> Pointer Group

<ptrloc> Pointer Location

<publicationstmt> Publication Statement

<publisher> Publisher

<ref> Reference

<refloc> Reference Location

<relatedmaterial> Related Material

<repository> Repository

<revisiondesc> Revision Description

<row> Table Row

<runner> Runner

<scopecontent> Scope and Content

<separatedmaterial> Separated Material

<seriesstmt> Series Statement

<spanspec> Spanned Column Specification

<sponsor> Sponsor

<subarea> Subordinate Area

<subject> Subject

<subtitle> Subtitle

<table> Table

<tbody> Table Body

<tfoot> Table Foot

<tgroup> Table Group

<thead> Table Head

<title> Title

<titlepage> Title Page

<titleproper> Title Proper of the Finding Aid

<titlestmt> Title Statement

<tspec> Table Specification

<unitdate> Date of the Unit

<unitid> ID of the Unit

<unittitle> Title of the Unit

<userestrict> Restrictions on Use

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