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Featured Programs

Careers in Federal Libraries -- ALA Preconference Event
Watch this highly informative session and learn about federal job opportunities from a cadre of highly successful federal librarians.
All About FEDLINK Video Series
Watch these four short videos for an introduction to FEDLINK and an overview of its benefits, membership, products and services.
Paybanding and Performance-Based Pay
Find out what pay banding and performance-based pay plans are, how they work and how they will affect you.
The Embedded Librarian: Making and Leading the Team
Find out about the methods needed to change the direction of you professional career and hear first-hand experience from embedded librarians.
Federated Search Technologies
Federated search, single search, meta search, broadcast search: What do all these terms really mean and what does it take to implement these technologies?
2005 Content Management Update: The Future of the Federal Library
This year's update focuses on unique new opportunites and challenges to better equip federal libraries and information centers for the future in information technology and knowledge management disciplines
Information Architecture, Metadata and Controlled Vocabularies
Join Denise Bedford, senior information officer, World Bank, for a lively discussion of library science, linguistics and IT
2005 Joint Spring Workshop
Learn about the trends in iInformation organization for the 21st Century: Taxonomies, Ontologies and the Semantic Web
The 2005 FLICC Forum on Federal Information Policies
Explore the balance between citizen rights to accessing government information and government responsibility for protecting cerain categories of information.
FEDLINK Membership Meetings
Watch video coverage of selected FEDLINK Membership Meetings from 2002 to the present.

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