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005 - Date and Time of Latest Transaction (NR)

MARC 21 Authority - Full
October 1999

Indicators and Subfield Codes

This field has no indicators or subfield codes.


Sixteen characters that specify the date and time of the latest record transaction and serve as a version identifier for the record. The data and time are recorded according to Representation of Dates and Times (ISO 8601) in the pattern yyyymmdd and hhmmss.f.

Date requires 8 numeric characters in the pattern yyyymmdd (4 for the year, 2 for the month, and 2 for the day). Time requires 8 numeric characters in the pattern hhmmss.f (2 for the hour, 2 for the minute, 2 for the second, and 2 for a decimal fraction of the second, including the decimal point). The 24-hour clock (00-23) is used.

The date on which a record is first entered into machine-readable form is contained in field 008/00-05. The Date entered on file never changes.


005 19940223151047.0
[February 23, 1994, 3:10:47 P.M. (15:10:47)]


System Generation - Should be system generated.

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