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502 - Dissertation Note (R)

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July 2022

First Indicator Second Indicator
# - Undefined

# - Undefined

Subfield Codes
  • $a - Dissertation note (NR)
  • $b - Degree type (NR)
  • $c - Name of granting institution (NR)
  • $d - Year degree granted (NR)
  • $g - Miscellaneous information (R)
  • $o - Dissertation identifier (R)
  • $6 - Linkage (NR)
  • $7 - Data provenance (R)
  • $8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


Designation of an academic dissertation or thesis and the institution to which it was presented. Other notes indicating the relationship between the item being cataloged and the author's dissertation or thesis, such as statements indicating that the work represents or is based on the author's thesis (e.g., Originally presented as ...) are recorded in field 500 (General Note). Notes concerning abstracts, abridgements, or revisions of theses are also recorded in field 500.

The field may also include the degree for which the author was a candidate, name of the granting institution or faculty, the year it was granted and dissertation identifier. Dissertation information may be encoded as a note in subfield $a or parsed into specific subfields.



$a - Dissertation note

Entire text of the note.

502 ##$aThesis (M.A.)--University College, London, 1969.
502 ##$aInaug.-Diss.--Heidelberg, 1972.
502 ##$aKarl Schmidt's thesis (doctoral)--Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, 1965.
502 ##$aMémoire de stage (3e cycle)--Université de Nantes, 1981.
500 ##$aOriginally presented as the author's thesis (doctoral)--Sorbonne, Paris, 1969.
[Not the original thesis; information recorded in field 500 instead of field 502]

$b - Degree type

Degree for which author was candidate.

502 ##$bPh.D.$cUniversity of Louisville$d1997.

$c - Name of granting institution

502 ##$bM.A.$cInternational Faith Theological Seminary, London$d2005.

$d - Year degree granted

502 ##$bM.A.$cMcGill University$d1972$gInaugural thesis.

$g - Miscellaneous information

Data that is not more appropriately contained in another defined subfield.

502 ##$gKarl Schmidt's thesis$bDoctoral$cLudwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich $d1965.

$o - Dissertation identifier

Identifier assigned to a dissertation or theses for identification purposes. May be a local or global identifier.

502 ##$aHeidelberg, Phil. F., Diss. v. 1. Aug. 1958 (Nicht f. d. Aust.)$oU 58.4033.

$6 - Linkage

See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.

$7 - Data provenance

See description of this subfield in Appendix J: Data Provenance Subfields.

$8 - Field link and sequence number

See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.


Punctuation - Field 502 ends with a period unless another mark of punctuation is present.


$b - Degree type [NEW, 2008]
$c - Name of granting institution [NEW, 2008]
$d - Year degree granted [NEW, 2008]
$g - Miscellaneous information [NEW, 2008]
$o - Dissertation identifier [NEW, 2008]
$7 - Data provenance [NEW, 2022]

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