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Heading Fields-General Information Sections

MARC 21 Bibliographic
February 1999

X00 - Personal Names - General Information
X10 - Corporate Names - General Information
X11 - Meeting Names - General Information
X30 - Uniform Titles - General Information


General information on the data elements defined for use in the 1XX (main entry), 6XX (subject access), 7XX (added entry), and 8XX (series added entry) fields. In MARC 21, the definitions of data elements in many fields are carried over to other fields within the same group (e.g., the X10 fields) for consistency and as a mnemonic aid. This is particularly true of the fields for names and uniform titles used as headings in access points.

Each General Information section contains a list of content designators defined (fields, indicators, and subfield codes), guidelines for applying the content designators that are shared, and input conventions for the fields within the group. Content designators that are not valid for all fields in a group are generally not described fully in the general information sections, instead, reference is made to where a complete description can be found.

Examples given in a general information section usually represent a variety of field tags and types of material. For a larger number of field-specific examples, as well as field-specific definition and scope or guidelines for applying content designators, refer to one of the 1XX, 6XX, 7XX, or 8XX field sections.

Library of Congress >> MARC >> Bibliographic >> Heading Fields
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