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886 - Foreign MARC Information Field (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - Concise

Used when converting foreign MARC records into the MARC format. Contains data from a foreign MARC record for which there is no corresponding MARC field.

First - Type of field
0 - Leader
1 - Variable control fields (002-009)
2 - Variable data fields (010-999)
Second - Undefined
# - Undefined
Subfield Codes
$a - Tag of the foreign MARC field (NR)
Not present when the first indicator value is 0 (Leader). When it is present, subfield $a is the second subfield in the field, immediately before subfield $b.
$b - Content of the foreign MARC field (NR)
$2 - Source of data (NR)
MARC code for the foreign MARC format from which the record is converted. Must be first subfield in the field. Code from: Format Source Codes.
$a-z - Foreign MARC subfield (R)
$0-9 - Foreign MARC subfield (R)
886 0#$2intermrc$b00860nambb6200206###4500
886 2#$2ibermarc$a019$b##$aVG 586-1992
886 2#$2unimrur$a709$b1#$aNapalkov (Litvak), Vladimir Nikolaevich: sm.
886 2#$2ukmarc$a690$b00$a00030$dGreat Britain$z11030$abutterflies$z21030$alife cycles

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