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153 - Classification Number (NR)

MARC 21 Classification - Full
October 2008

First Indicator
# - Undefined

Second Indicator
# - Undefined

Subfield Codes
$a - Classification number--single number or beginning number of span (R)
$c - Classification number--ending number of span (R)
$e - Classification number hierarchy--single number or beginning number of span (R)
$f - Classification number hierarchy--ending number of span (R)
$h - Caption hierarchy (R)
$j - Caption (NR)
$k - Summary number span caption hierarchy (R)
$y - Table sequence number for internal subarrangement or add table (R)
$z - Table identification (R)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


Single classification number or span from a schedule or number(s) from a table and its associated caption and caption hierarchy.


Guidelines for applying the content designators defined for field 153, scheme-specific conventions, and input conventions are given in the X53 Classification Numbers-General Information section.


084 0#$alcc
[Library of Congress Classification]
153 ##$aF61$cF75 $hUnited States local history$jMassachusetts
084 0#$alcc
[Library of Congress Classification]
153 ##$zL4$a1 $hTable of subdivisions: Institutions in America (LD-LE)$hAdministration$hGeneral works. Office reports$jBoard of regents, trustees, etc.
084 0#$alcc
[Library of Congress Classification]
153 ##$zP-PZ2$a269 $hTable for languages (500 nos.)$hTranslating$jMachine translating
084 0#$addc$c22
[Dewey Decimal Classification]
153 ##$z6$a94511 $hLanguages$hOther languages$hAltaic, Uralic, Hyperborean, Dravidian languages$kUralic languages$hFinno-Ugric languages$hUgric languages$jHungarian (Magyar)
084 0#$addc$c22
[Dewey Decimal Classification]
153 ##$a401.3$hLanguage $hPhilosophy and theory$jInternational languages
084 0#$addc$c22
[Dewey Decimal Classification]
153 ##$a220.1$c220.9 $hReligion$hBible$jGeneralities
153 ##$aKK1261$cKK1261.5 $hLaw of Germany and West Germany$hCivil law. Bürgerliches Recht$hProperty. Law of things. Sachenrecht$jRight of property. Constitutional guaranty
153 ##$zN1$a49.6 $hTables of regions or countries (100 numbers)$hEurope$jGerman, Austrian, and Swiss (Collectively)
153 ##$aPQ4315.25$hItalian literature$hIndividual authors.$hIndividual authors and works to 1400.$hDante Alighieri, 1265-1321.$hTranslations$hEnglish. $hDivina commedia.$hInferno.$jParticular cantos
153 ##$a786.67$hThe arts. Fine and decorative arts$hMusic$kPrinciples, forms, ensembles, voices, instruments$kInstruments and their music$kSpecific instruments and their music$hKeyboard, mechanical, electrophonic, percussion instruments$hMechanical and aeolian instruments$kMechanical instruments$jMechanical stringed instruments
153 ##$a153.94001$c153.94999 $hPhilosophy, parapsychology and occultism, psychology$hPsychology$kSpecific topics in psychology$hConscious mental processes and intelligence$hIntelligence and aptitudes$hAptitude tests$jTests for aptitudes in specific fields
153 ##$aBL1112.2$cBL1137.72 $hReligions. Mythology. Rationalism$hReligion$hHistory and principles of religions$hAsian. Oriental$hBy religion$hHinduism$hSacred books. Sources$jVedic texts
153 ##$aQL638.E55$hZoology $hChordates. Vertebrates$hFishes$hSystematic divisions$hOsteichthys (Bony fishes). By family, A-Z$hFamilies$jEngraulidae (Anchovies)
153 ##$a306.36$hSocial sciences$kSpecific topics in sociology and anthropology$hCulture and institutions$kCultural institutions$hEconomic institutions$jSystems of labor
153 ##$aKK253$cKK1803 $hLaw of Germany and West Germany$hHistory of law. Rechts- und Verfassungsgeschichte$hBy period$hPeriod from ca. 919 to ca. 1867. Hochmittelalter, Spätmittelalter und Neuzeit$hSources. Rechtsquellen$hImperial laws and legislation. Reichsabschiede$hIndividual. By date$jRatisbon (Franz II. Reichsdeputationshauptschluss)
153 ##$a600$jTechnology (Applied sciences)
153 ##$a220.12$hReligion $hBible$kGeneralities$hOrigins and authenticity$jCanon
153 ##$a005.52$hComputer science, information, general works$hComputer programming, programs, data$hGeneral purpose application programs$jWord processing
153 ##$z2$a482 $c484$hGeographic Areas, Historical Periods, Persons$kSpecific continents, countries, localities; extraterrestrial worlds$kModern world; extraterrestrial worlds$hEurope. Western Europe$hScandinavia$jDivisions of Norway

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