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6XX - Note Fields-General Information

MARC 21 Classification
October 2008

673 - Segmented Classification Number (NR) Full | Concise
674 - Segmentation Instruction (R) Full | Concise
680 - Scope Note (R) Full | Concise
681 - Classification Example Tracing Note (R) Full | Concise
683 - Application Instruction Note (R) Full | Concise
684 - Auxiliary Instruction Note (R) Full | Concise
685 - History Note (R) Full | Concise
686 - Relationship to Source Note (R) Full | Concise


Textual information about the scope of the classification number in field 153 (Classification Number) and instruction for classifiers in the use of classification numbers. Except for field 680 (Scope Note), which is intended for display to public catalog users in addition to guiding classifiers, these notes often are not written in a form adequate for public user display.

All note fields except 681 (Classification Example Tracing Note) are provided with subfield $8 (Field link and sequence number) to link and sequence fields in the proper order when the maintenance of a certain order is vital for the application and understanding of the instructions.

Footnotes containing instructions that apply to several classification numbers are converted to the appropriate 6XX or 76X field.


Field 673 - Segmented Classification Number [NEW, 2008]
Field 674 - Segmentation Instruction [NEW, 2008]

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