Changes/Additions to MARC Language Code List for
compatibility with ISO 639-2

Revised May 3, 2000

Network Development and MARC Standards Office
Library of Congress

This document lists changes necessary to the MARC Code List for Languages for compatibility with the newly approved ISO 639-2 (Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages Part 2: Alpha-3 code). For further information about the international language code standard see:

1. Changes

Old USMARC code New ISO code Language name
cam khm Khmer
esp epo Esperanto
eth gez Ethiopic
far fao Faroese
fri fry Frisian
gae gla Scottish Gaelic
gal orm Oromo
gua grn Guarani
int ina Interlingua (International Auxiliary Language Association)
iri gle Irish
kus kos Kusaie
lan oci Occitan (post-1500)
lap smi Sami
max glv Manx
mla mlg Malagasy
sao smo Samoan
sho sna Shona
snh sin Sinhalese
sso sot Sotho
swz ssw Swazi
tag tgl Tagalog
taj tgk Tajik
tar tat Tatar
tru chk Truk
tsw tsn Tswana

2. Deletions

USMARC code Language name
esk Eskimo languages

3. Additions (either previously in a collective code or having no code)

New ISO codes Previous collective code Language name
aar cus Afar
abk cau Abkhaz
auspaa Australian languages
bih inc Bihari
bua tut Buriat
chm fiu Mari
chp ath Chipewyan
cos *Corsican
den ath Slave
dgr ath Dogrib
dzo sit Dzongka
fur roh Friulian
gwi ath Gwich'in
hit ine Hittite
iku esk Inuktitut
ile *Interlingue
ipk esk Inupiaq
kal esk Kalâtdlisut
kom fiu Komi
kum tut Kumyk
lez cau Lezgian
ltz * Letzeburgesch
mga cel Irish, Middle (ca. 1100-1500)
nbl bnt Ndebele (South Africa)
phn sem Phoenician
sah tut Yakut
sga cel Irish, Old (to 1100)
sme*Northern Sami
srd roa Sardinian
tyv tut Tuvinian
vol art Volapük
ypk esk Yupik languages
zha tai Zhuang

*=No collective code has been assigned

Catalogers' Desktop incorporated these changes with Issue 4, 1999. The Network Development and MARC Standards Office is in the process of preparing a new edition of the MARC Code List for Languages that will incorporate all of these changes.

LC Implementation Plans
Subscribers can anticipate receiving MARC records reflecting these changes in all distribution services not earlier than June 15, 2000.

Questions regarding the language codes should be directed to:

Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-4305
(202) 707-4380
INTERNET: [email protected]

June 3, 1999 (rev. April 21, 2000)

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