MARC: News and Announcements (November 15, 1996)

USMARC Code List for Languages


The Network Development and MARC Standards Office of the Library of Congress is preparing the 1996 edition of the USMARC Code List for Languages. There are additional codes in the list, largely as a result of the approval of a revision to the national standard, Codes for the Representation of Languages for Information Interchange (Z39.53-1994), and one code deletion. Any changes listed below that were not included in Z39.53 will be incorporated at the next revision of that standard.


     language                       new code
     Bislama                        bis
     Bantu (Other)                  bnt
     Batak                          btk
     Chamic languages               cmc
     Dayak                          day
     Divehi                         div
     Gbaya                          gba
     Gorontalo                      gor
     Hmong                          hmn
     Kimbundu                       kmb
     Luba-Lulua                     lua
     Lushai                         lus
     Mandar                         mdr
     Nauru                          nau
     Nias                           nia
     Old Norse                      non
     Philippine (Other)             phi
     Rapanui                        rap
     Sasak                          sas
     Santali                        sat
     Sign languages                 sgn
     Soninke                        snk
     Tai (Other)                    tai
     Tetum                          tet
     Tokelauan                      tkl
     Tamashek                       tmh
     Tok Pisin                      tpi
     Tuvalu                         tvl
     Zande                          znd

A later announcement will be issued to clarify usage of the new code for Sign languages in MARC records.


     language                       old code
     Aljamja                        ajm

Subscribers can anticipate receiving MARC records reflecting these changes in all distribution services not earlier than February 15, 1997. Questions regarding the language codes should be directed to:

Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-4305
(202) 707-4380
INTERNET: [email protected]

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