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DATE: May 27, 2021

NAME: Designating an Introductory Statement in Field 672 of the MARC 21 Authority Format

SOURCE: German National Library, for the Committee on Data Formats

SUMMARY: This paper proposes the definition of a new subfield in field 672 (Title Related to the Entity) of the MARC 21 Authority Format as a way to separate an introductory phrase from the title information contained in the same field.

KEYWORDS: Field 672 (AD); Title Related to the Entity (AD); Subfield $i, in field 672 (AD); Explanatory text (AD); Subfield $4, in field 672 (AD); Relationship (AD); Introductory phrase (AD)

RELATED: 2013-01; 2021-DP02

05/27/21 – Made available to the MARC community for discussion.

06/28/21 – Results of MARC Advisory Committee discussion: Approved, with the amendment to change the label of subfield $i to "Relationship information" and to make subfield $i repeatable.

10/22/21 – Results of MARC Steering Group review - Agreed with the MAC decision.

Proposal No. 2021-12: Designating an Introductory Statement in Field 672


The "Integrated Authority File" ("Gemeinsame Normdatei", or "GND") is used in German speaking countries (and beyond) for authority control. While the internal format is an implementation of the Pica format (Pica3 for cataloging purposes, and Pica+ for data handling and storage purposes), the exchange and communications format is the MARC Authority Format.

In the GND, field 672 (Title Related to the Entity), introduced in 2013 into the MARC 21 Authority Format, is used. It occurs more than 3 million times in almost 2 million records. Most of these records describe a person, some are for corporate bodies, and a few are for conferences.

In many cases, subfield $a for the title information contains an introductory statement, in the sense of a relationship information. It is always given in German language (as the cataloging language), and often abbreviated according to the "Rules for Descriptive Cataloging" ("Regeln für die Alphabetische Katalogisierung", or "RAK"), which were the pre-RDA rules in German speaking countries.

The top 12 occurrences of these introductory statements, and their respective numbers (as of September 2020), are as follows:

32.836 "Hrsg. von:"

12.856 "Übers. von:"

 3.008 "Mitverf. von:"

 1.080 "Bearb. von:"

 1.053 "Mithrsg. von:"

   709 "Red. von:"

   501 "Ill. von:"

   317 "Mitarb. von:"

   193 "2. Hrsg. von:"

   189 "Resp. von:"

   141 "2. Verf. von:"

   137 "1. Hrsg. von:"

If an institution decides to build a title index based on the content of field 672, the introductory information designating the relationship has to be filtered out. Similarly, if a list of related works is to be created, entries starting with the introductory information should be avoided. In addition, there may be the need to create statistics of the types of relationships, which can easily be done based on the introductory information. Thus, it would be helpful to separate this introductory information from the title information itself. This could be achieved by the definition of one new subfield in field 672.

It should be noted that the relationship information here reflects the relationship information in subfields $e / $j (Relator term) and $4 (Relationship) in fields 1XX and 7XX of the MARC Bibliographic Format. However, the direction is a different one: While e.g., 700 $e contains a relator term from the resource to a person (e.g., "editor"), field 672 of the Authority format provides the reciprocal relationship (e.g., "editor of", or, in German, "Hrsg. von"). As a result, the codes and terms from the MARC Code List for Relators, should not be used here in field 672. If needed, there might be the option to set up a separate list of relator terms, codes and URIs reciprocal to those defined in the MARC Code List for Relators.

For similar reasons, this introductory statement is not to be confused with a formal statement of responsibility, often taken from a resource, and provided in e.g., field 245 subfield $c of the MARC Bibliographic Format.


Field 672 is currently defined in the MARC 21 Authority Format as follows:

Citation for a work that is related in some manner to the entity represented by the 100, 110, 111 or 151 field in the authority record.

In general, any one of the remaining alphabetic subfield codes may fit the purpose described in section 1. A good analogy might be subfield $i for a "Display text", as defined in some fields, among them field 246 (Varying Form of Title). Another option is subfield $p for an "Introductory phrase", as defined in field 534 (Original Version Note).

Two options were explored in the preceding discussion paper 2021-DP02:

$i – Display text (NR)


$p - Introductory phrase (NR)

During the discussion at the 2021 Midwinter meeting of the MARC Advisory Committee, MAC members preferred subfield $i as a new subfield code, and suggested the label "Explanatory text" for the new subfield $i.

Furthermore, an additional new subfield $4 was brought up, which may be helpful for parallel content in coded form and in the form of a URI. Taking this suggestion into account, subfield $4 is included here in the proposal, with the caveat that values taken from the MARC Code List for Relators, or URIs based on these codes, must not be used in field 672.


In field 672 (Title Related to the Entity) of the MARC 21 Authority format, define the following two subfields:

$i - Explanatory text (NR)
Explanatory text to the title information. The subfield may contain relationship information. Subfield $i precedes subfield $a at the beginning of the field.

$4 - Relationship (R)
Code or URI that specifies the relationship from the entity described in the record to the entity referenced in the field.
Note: Values taken from the "MARC Code List for Relators", or URIs based on these codes, should not be used in field 672: The MARC Code List for Relators consists of relationships from a resource to a person, a corporate body, a meeting, or a place (e.g.,“editor”), while in field 672 the reciprocal relationship is expressed (e.g., “editor of”).


Example 1:
Authority record for a person

LDR xxxxxnz  a2200301oc 4500

001 1072465388

003 DE-101

005 20200217124926.0

008 150617n||aznnnaabn           | aaa    |c

024 7# $a1072465388$0$2gnd

040 ## $aDE-101$cDE-101$9r:DE-101$bger$d1210$erda

042 ## $agnd3

043 ## $cXA-NL

075 ## $bp$2gndgen

075 ## $bpiz$2gndspec

100 1# $aSlofstra, Bouke$d1960-

375 ## $a1$2iso5218

377 #7 $adut$aeng$alat$2iso639-2b

548 ## $a1960-$4datl

550 ## $0(DE-101)04061414X$0(DE-588)4061414-1

551 ## $0(DE-101)040138313$0(DE-588)4013831-8

672 #0 $iÜbers. von$aLectio publica de analogia linguae Graecae (ca 1750)$f2015

672 #0 $iHrsg. von$a"A plank I saved from a shipwreck."$bJ.H.H. Halbertsma's commentary
       on Tiberius Hemsterhuis's Lectio publica de originibus linguae Graecae$f2017

672 #0 $iHrsg. von$aEen meelijwekkend volk$bvreemden over Friezen van de oudheid tot
       de kerstening$f2017$w(DE-627)1030495408

Example 2: Authority record for a corporate body

LDR xxxxxnz  a2200349oc 4500

001 1174699752

003 DE-101

005 20190103142819.0

008 190103n||aznnnaabn           | ana    |c

024 7# $a1174699752$0$2gnd

040 ## $aDE-23$cDE-23$9r:DE-1$bger$d0023$erda

042 ## $agnd3

043 ## $cXA-DXDE$cXA-DE

075 ## $bb$2gndgen

075 ## $bkiz$2gndspec

110 2# $aDienstags-Prediger-Collegium$gLeipzig

410 2# $aDienstags-Prediger-Collegium, h. 9.$gLeipzig

410 2# $aDienstägiges Prediger-Collegium$gLeipzig

410 2# $aDienstägiges Prediger-Kollegium$gLeipzig

410 2# $a-Das- dienstägige Prediger-Collegium$gLeipzig

410 2# $a-Das- dienstägige Prediger-Kollegium$gLeipzig

410 2# $aPrediger-Collegium, dienstags von 9 bis 10 Uhr$gLeipzig

500 1# $0(DE-101)104222298$0(DE-588)104222298
$0$aRivinus, Tileman Andreas
$wr$iRelation allgemein$eRelation allgemein$9v:Präses$9Z:1684

551 ## $0(DE-101)040352064$0(DE-588)4035206-7

667 ## $aEines von mehreren Predigerkollegien in Leipzig des 17. und 18. Jh.

667 ## $aVD-17

672 #0 $aDie Gottgelassene Sterbens-Lust$f[1684]$wVD17 23:745100N

672 #0 $iHrsg. von$aG. G. L. M.: Das In der Blüthe der Jugend Recht
        Männliche Christenthum$f[1684]$wVD17 23:745104T$4[Code for
        relationship “editor of”]$4[URI for relationship “editor of”]


BIBFRAME is flexible in handling of relationship and indicating relationship types. When the proposal is fully explored the appropriate relationship method can be determined.


In field 672 (Title Related to the Entity) of the MARC 21 Authority format, define the following two subfields:

$i - Explanatory text (NR)
$4 - Relationship (R)

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