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MARC 21 Specifications for Record Structure, Character Sets, and Exchange Media

Code Table Greek Symbols

December 2007

The first column in this table contains the MARC-8 code (in hex) for the character, the second column contains the UCS/Unicode 16-bit code (in hex), the third column contains the UTF-8 code (in hex) for the UCS character, the fourth column contains a representation of the character (where possible), the fifth column contains the MARC character name, followed by the UCS name. If the MARC name is the same as or very similar to the UCS name, only the UCS name is given.

Note added September 2004: The alpha, beta and gamma symbols that have been part of a special extension of the MARC8 character set since 1970 do not have reversible mappings to Unicode since they duplicate characters in the Greek script set. These special characters map to the Greek set in Unicode, thus when being remapped to MARC-8 they go to the MARC-8 Greek set, not the special extension to the Latin set. It is recommended that the spelling out of the characters be used when the Latin extension Greek characters would formerly have been used, i.e., when they occur in Latin text. The following substitutions would be made: [alpha], [beta], and [gamma].

Not all characters display in all browsers. We have attempted to allow for font families that show each character set, but you must have one of these fonts on your computer. See the W3C site for a discussion of fonts:


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