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Chambers of Commerce

World Network of Chambers of Commerce External Link
Publisher: International Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Operated by three organizations, the International Bureau of Chamber of Commerce (IBCC)/International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP), and the Global Management Center of the Trade Information Network of the UN/G77 Chambers of Commerce (GMC/TIN), the WNC is an online network of more than 10,000 chambers of commerce and trade promotion organizations throughout the world. WNC includes a database of products and services; national and international company profiles; chamber membership directories; and information on customs regulations and international and local business, trade and economic conditions.

American Chambers of Commerce Abroad External Link
Publisher: U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Available as a link from the American Chambers of Commerce home page. Includes links to the sites of approximately 90 American Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AmChams) in 81 countries. AmChams, "along with pursuing trade policy initiatives, ... make available publications and services, and sponsor a variety of business development programs. Through four regional organizations in Asia, Europe, the Gulf Countries, and Latin America/the Caribbean, the AmChams represent the concerns and interests of the business community at the highest levels of government and business in trade policy development."
American Chambers of Commerce Abroad Home Page, September 7, 2002.
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Corporate Information External Link
Publisher: George Matthew Regnery

Free registration is required to use this site, which contains annotated listings by region and country of Internet sites providing information on approximately 20,000 public and private companies. Includes experimental link to 15,000 research reports on publicly traded companies, free as of 10/15/1999, but may later be offered as a subscription product. Also offers a search engine described as searching an additional 300,000 company profiles at other sites.

Kompass: the business to business search engine
Full search results available only to subscribers. External Link
Publisher: Kompass

Database of 1.5 million companies in 66 countries, representing 23 million products and services; also included are 2.7 million executives' names, and 400,000 trade and brand names. Users may search by company name, product, and/or country. Search results include company name, address, telephone and fax numbers. Registered users and subscribers may obtain additional information, including business hours, activities, brief financial information, year established, number of employees, executives' names, trade names, export areas, and legal form. Subscribers may search by additional criteria in the database, including Kompass category number, and limit searches to exporters, importers, distributors, producers, sub-regions of countries, etc.
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Country Profiles

Background Notes.
Publisher: U.S. State Department

Provides current information describing foreign countries and geographic entities, as well as selected international organizations. Describes people, culture, geography, history, government, economy, and political conditions plus travel tips.

Country Commercial Guides (released prior to January 20, 2001)
Publisher: U.S. State Department

According to the Country Commercial Guides Home Page, these guides are prepared each year by U.S. embassies with the assistance of several U.S. government agencies and "present a comprehensive look at countries' commercial environments, using economic, political and market analysis." Topics covered include Economic Trends, Political Environment, Marketing US Products and Services, Leading Sectors for US Exports and Investments, Trade Regulations, Investment Climate, Trade and Project Financing, Business Travel and Country Data.

Country Reports On Economic Policy and Trade Practices (released prior to January 20, 2001.)
Publisher: U.S. State Department

Modeled on the U.S. Department of State annual reports on country human rights practices, the reports are intended to provide a single, comparative analysis of the economic policies and trade practices of countries with which the United States has significant economic or trade relationships. Because of the increasing importance of, and interest in, trade and economic issues, these reports are prepared to assist members of Congress in considering legislation in the areas of trade and economic policy."
County Reports Home Page, 10/13/1999

Country Studies
Publisher: Library of Congress

"A continuing series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the Department of the Army. This online series presently contains studies of 100 countries.Most books in the series deal with a particular foreign country, describing and analyzing its political, economic, social, and national security systems and institutions, and examining the interrelationships of those systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors."
Library of Congress Country Studies Home Page, 10/13/1999.

The Economist Intelligence Unit External Link
Publisher: Economist Information Unit

This site is provided by the EIU, an information provider for companies establishing and managing operations across national borders anywhere in the world. This site features the latest political, economic and business environment analysis on more than 100 countries. These reports, are accessible under the heading "EIU's Latest" through a free registration process. Additional databases, including country profiles, risk reports, and intelligence information, are accessible through a fee-based subscription.

World Factbook
Publisher: U.S. Central Intelligence Agency

Issued in printed, Internet and CD-ROM versions, the World Factbook, provides brief information on the geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, and military organization, along with a brief overview of transnational and other current issues for each of the world's independent states as well as for dependencies and areas of special sovereignty.

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Currency Converters / Exchange Rates

Bloomberg Website: Market Data: Currencies. External Link
Publisher: Bloomberg

In addition to providing tables of current exchange rates by countries, it is also possible to calculate the exchange rate of a specific currency in relation to other currencies by region. Also includes links to related financial information, including U.S. Initial public offerings, bond and U.S. Treasury yields, Standard & Poor's 500 Index, U.S. interest rates, and selected world indices.

Foreign exchange rates.. Link
Publisher: Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Provides links to the daily 10:00 a.m. and 12 noon midpoint between buying and selling rates from the New York Interbank market for the following currencies: the Euro, U.K. Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Japanese, Yen, Swedish Krona, and the Norwegian and Danish Krones, Links to the International Monetary Fund page for additional rates.

Interactive Daily Table [Currency Converter] External Link
Publisher: OANDA, Inc.

Provides exchange rates for approximately 165 currencies. Offers a choice of Interbank (official) rates, typical credit card rates, typical cash rates, and other selected margins. Daily rates for approximately the last five years may also be searched; the exact years available depends upon the currencies selected. Links to currency news are included; and currency forecasts are offered on a fee basis. Search instructions are available in seven languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Pacific Exchange Rate Service (Policy Analysis Computing & Information Facility in Commerce) External Link
Publisher: Werner Antweiler. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Designed as a repository of historic exchange rates for economists and other researchers, this site contains historical statistics for 69 currencies. Many series date from 1991, although a few begin in 1971, while other series do not begin until 1996. A "Data Availability Chart" indicates the exact years available for each currency. A supplementary table of current exchange rates for approximately 200 countries, updated twice daily, is also available, as are a number of links to related information, including information on the Euro, and an explanation of the International Monetary Fund's Special Drawing Rights.

The Universal Currency Converter(TM) External Link
Publisher: Xenon Laboratories Incorporated

Offered in both a "short" version and a fuller version which provides up-to-the minute exchange rates on 180 currencies in over 250 geographical locations, the site also includes links to historical currency tables for the most recent five years, special travel expenses and credit card charges calculators, and an interactive "Export Pricing System," designed to help exporters to both negotiate a price in their foreign customer's currency and to confirm the value of funds to be received in their own currency. A link to the ISO 4217 Currency List of currency names and their three-letter currency codes as specified by the International Standards Organization's ISO 4217 specification is also included. Instructions are available in English, French, and Swedish.

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U.S. Embassies Abroad
Publisher: United States Information Agency.

Links to the web sites of U.S. embassies and Information Services abroad. Also includes links to web sites for U.S. Missions to the European Union, NATO, OSCE, and to the United Nations in Geneva and New York.

U.S. Missions Online
Publisher: United States Department of State

The official U.S. State Department listing of diplomatic and consular posts around the world which maintain web sites, including missions to the European Union, the United Nations in New York and Geneva, NATO, OAS, OSCE, and to various international organizations in Vienna. Also includes a link to the web version of the print publication, "Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts: Guide for Business Representatives."

Embassies and Consulates. DMOZ External Link

DMOZ (previously knows as Open Directory Project) category search results that lists embassies and consulates by region.
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International Trade

Foreign Trade Statistics
Publisher: U.S. Bureau of Census. Foreign Trade Division.

This site provides the U.S. government's primary source of foreign trade data. Features country by 1-digit SITC commodity trade data from 1996 to 1998, schedule B keyword search, U.S. exporting company profiles, trade balances with international trading partners, and press releases. An alphabetical country index from Ato Z allows quick access to specific country data.

Trade Compliance Center
Publisher: US International Trade Administration

For each country listed, includes, if available, text of recent National Trade Estimate Reports, Trade Policy Review Summaries, Country Commercial Guides, and the Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices.

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International Postal / Telephone Codes

International Calling Codes External Link
Publisher: American Computer Resources, Inc.

Includes both Country and City Calling Codes. Instructions are provided for placing calls from the United States.
International Postal Union External Link
Publisher: Universal Postal Union
Site includes links to "Addressing formats" and "Postcodes" for the UPU member countries. Under "Addressing Formats" users can find the address and telephone number of the postal authority for the country, a list of the major administrative sub-divisions and a description of the postal addressing system for the country, along with a sample address, and a description of the structure of the postal code of the country, if used. Under "Postcodes" users can link to country web sites providing look-up services and/or other postal code information for the country.
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Foreign Trade Statistics
Publisher: U.S. Bureau of Census. Foreign Trade Division.

This site provides the U.S. government's primary source of foreign trade data. Features country by 1-digit SITC commodity trade data from 1996 to 1998, schedule B keyword search, U.S. exporting company profiles, trade balances with international trading partners, and press releases. An alphabetical country index from Ato Z allows quick access to specific country data.

International Programs
Publisher: U.S. Bureau of the Census

Programs include the International Data Base (IDB) which is "a series of estimates and projections that provide a consistent set of demographic indicators, including population size and growth, mortality, fertility, and net migration, for more than 200 countries and areas."
IDB Home Page, October 28, 2015.

IMF: Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board External Link
Publisher: International Monetary Fund

This site provides key information about economic and financial data disseminated by IMF member countries that subscribe to the IMF's Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS). Statistical information can be accessed in two links: Information by Country and Information by Data Category.

StatsAPEC External Link
Publisher: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

This is a web site for economic statistics from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. The countries that are covered include: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, the United States, and Viet Nam. Includes a Key Indicators database with: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) / Gross National Income (GNI), Inflation, Labor, Economic Structure, Trade and Trade Barriers, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Movement of People, Finance, Education, Environment, Information & Communications, Quality of Life, and Policy-related. The Bilateral linkages database was designed to facilitate detailed analysis of the trade and investment flows within APEC and between APEC and the world and includes data covering Foreign Direct Investment, Portfolio Investment Assets, and Bank Lending.

United Nations. Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Statistics Division External Link
Publisher: United Nations. Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

This site provides a wide range of statistical outputs and services worldwide. It is well-organized and offers statistics under the following headings: Statistics and Indicators, Statistical Methods, International Co-operation Statistics, as well as Sources and References which link to national statistics and listings of Internet sites of national and international statistical services.
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Stock Exchanges

Stock Exchanges Worldwide Links External Link
Publisher: Aldas Kirvaitis,

Worldwide listing by continent of stock exchanges and other exchange resources, including futures exchanges and grain exchanges.

List of Stock Exchanges Wikipedia External Link

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